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Our staff

Every day, a permanent team of service engineers are standing by to take you from A to B along the route Alphen aan den Rijn - Gouda. They have received special training on the new trains and the route, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Service engineers

The service engineer ensures that the train departs safely. Mirrors along the sides of the train provide the engineer with a good overview of the platform, and a whistle signal indicates when the doors are closing.

Social safety

The service engineer also monitors the compartments. The train is transparent, so the engineer can see all the way from one end to another. There are also security cameras installed in the train, and the images are relayed to the screens in the engineer's cabin. When necessary, the engineer can take action to prevent unsafe situations or call on assistance from the NS Service & Safety teams.

Ticket checks

No conductors are assigned to this route. Instead, NS utilises flexible Service & Safety teams, which monitor passengers checking in and conduct checks along the route. The access gates at station Gouda are also closed.