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We strive to be transparent regarding our performance, so at least once every quarter we look back on the figures published here and provide background information for the most significant results. And every six months, NS issues a detailed report on the progress of the Transport Plan.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are the most important priority for NS. Customer satisfaction rating is measured by asking train travellers to complete surveys and rate our performance with a grade of 1-10.

This dashboard provides a clear overview of customers' opinions about NS The articles below explain how the system NS uses to measure customer satisfaction.

Types of indicators

We use 2 different types of indicators:

  1. Performance indicators: these are based on minimum norms that NS has agreed to meet during the period 2015-2019. If NS does not achieve these norms, then it may receive a fine from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. The norm is shown as a threshold value in the graphs. The performance indicators also describe a target value; the target score for 2019. A progression value is also recorded for each year. This value is higher than the threshold value, and shows the progression NS has achieved over the course of the stated year.
  2. Information indicators: these show our performance in a variety of other aspects of our services. No norms have been agreed upon with the government pertaining to these indicators. Almost all of the indicators are measured on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In addition to the dashboard, a detailed version of the most recent customer satisfaction, performance, and information indicators can be found in this document.

Transport Plan reporting

As per the terms of the concession, we issue a report on our performance on the main railway network every six months.

NS Semi-annual Report

In the semi-annual report, NS reports on its performance over the past six months. These figures provide an indication of the expected performance over the course of the year.

European PRR report and complaint registration

European regulations require us to review our performance based on the service quality norms. The quality performance reports for NS Reizigers and NS International can be found below.

Fiscal strategy

The document below explains how NS deals with taxes and tax risks. This fiscal strategy has been approved by the Executive Board, and applies to all taxes in countries where NS is active.