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We strive to be transparent about our performance. That's why we have a dashboard that shows our current performance as well as our historical performance levels. Every six months, NS issues a detailed report on the progress of the Transport Plan.

Current performance

We have set performance targets together with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water management. This dashboard lists all our performance and information indicators and provides insight into our performance so far.

Types of indicators

There are 2 types of indicators in the 2021-2025 transport concession that we were granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water management: 

  1. Performance Indicators: a binding performance measure with a baseline and target value. If NS fails to achieve the baseline value, the grantor is entitled to impose penalties. The standard is shown in the graphs as the baseline value. The performance indicators also have a target value, i.e. the level we strive to reach by 2024. On top of that, we set a new progress value every year, indicating our progress towards meeting the target value of a particular performance indicator.
  2. Information Indicators: a non-binding performance measure that NS reports on. For these indicators, we have not set baseline and target values with the grantor. Almost all indicators are tracked monthly or quarterly.

Transport Plan reporting

As per the terms of the concession, we issue a report on our performance on the main railway network every six months.

NS Semi-annual Report

In the semi-annual report, NS reports on its performance over the past six months. These figures provide an indication of the expected performance over the course of the year.

European PRR report and complaint registration

European regulations require us to review our performance based on the service quality norms. The quality performance reports for NS Reizigers and NS International can be found below.

Fiscal strategy

The document below explains how NS deals with taxes and tax risks. This fiscal strategy has been approved by the Executive Board, and applies to all taxes in countries where NS is active.