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NS and train maintenance

For more than 178 years, NS has ensured that trains operate safely and as they were designed to do. We do this work at 35 strategic locations throughout the Dutch railway network.

Experts in train maintenance

Over the past 178 years, we have gained a lot of experience in train maintenance. We have become true experts. We have gradually accumulated this experience working on the busiest rail network in Europe. This experience allows our renovation department to supply more reliable train components and improve the efficiency of maintenance schedules. It also enables us to supply a product that can run at a lower cost when we modernise trains. We do this at high-tech maintenance locations employing well trained and certified employees who work safely and are happy to contribute ideas for the customer.


For NS safety is extremely important. “You work safely or you don't work. Suppliers that provide services on NS premises are also expected to be aware of the rules and protocols.

We always work safely, are fully qualified and comply with regulations and legislation. Our working method is reliable, demonstrable and continuously being improved.


At NS, sustainability is given high priority. We take care of our trains and extend their lifespans. In addition, we try to use as little energy and water as possible, while minimising waste production. We recycle more than 80% of the business waste that is produced. The implementation of sustainable solutions and modernisation of materials suits our 'green' policies well. That makes NS a good partner for companies that place strict demands on their trains regarding sustainability.