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Bicycle storage season ticket

A Bicycle Storage Season Ticket gives you unlimited access to a single bicycle storage facility, for a fixed amount per month. Your annual season ticket is loaded onto your personal OV-chipkaart immediately after you have ordered it, so you can use it right away. 

Why opt for a Bicycle Storage Season Ticket?

  • You're guaranteed a space in the bicycle storage facility
  • One fixed amount for a whole year
  • Can be cancelled after one month
  • Available for use immediately after ordering
  • The cheaper option if you regularly use the bicycle storage facility  for more than 24 hours
  • You can store your bicycle for a maximum of 28 consecutive days

How it works

  1. Seach for your station and purchase your season ticket in just a few simple steps. After payment, your season ticket will immediately be loaded onto your personal   OV-chipkaart, so you can use it immediately. 
  2. If you've chosen guarded bicycle storage with service attendants, you will need to report to the manager. You will receive a sticker on your bike that allows you to use the bicycle storage. 

You pay for the first year of your season ticket when completing your order. After the first year, we debit the season ticket cost from your bank account annually by direct debit. You can cancel your season ticket after the first month, including in the first year.


What does a Bicycle Storage Season Ticket cost?

You can purchase a Bicycle Storage Season Ticket for a year starting at € 80.