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Breng je fiets langs voor reparatie bij Fiets en Service

Bicycles & Service

Bicycles & Service is the place at the station that you can come to for bicycle repairs, ranging from puncture repairs to a full maintenance service. You'll often be able to pick up your bike on the same day - very convenient!

The benefits of Bicycles & Service

Ready the same day

If you get your bike to us by 10:00 am on workdays, then it'll be ready for you by 4:00 pm

No surprises

Fixed rates for repairs, excluding material costs


Professional repairers and top-quality accessories and parts

Bicycles & Service rates

Rates exclude material and parts costs
Part Rate
Tyre repair €13
Replacement of inner tube and/or tyre (excl. tube/tyre) €13
Gear replacement €15
Gear adjustment €10
Brake pad replacement €10
Brake cable replacement €12.50
Brake adjustment €10
Chain tensioning & lubrication €12.50
Chain replacement €25
Light replacement €8
Ring-lock installation €10
Maintenance service (checking of lights, brake and gear adjustment, chain and cable lubrication) €35

For tyre repairs, we request your permission to replace the inner tube if necessary. Ask your bicycle specialist about the prices of and options for other repairs. If you bring your bicycle to us by 10:00 am for one of the repairs listed above, we guarantee that it will be ready by 4:00 pm.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does a repair take?

    If you drop your bicycle off for repairs before 10:00 am on business days, it will be ready for you by 4:00 pm. This applies to repairs listed on the repairs card, which you can download here.

    If your bicycle is not ready by 4:00 pm, you will receive a loan bicycle free of charge. In some cases the repair can be done while you wait. Very convenient!

  • Do you charge fixed prices?

    We charge fixed prices for repairs, excluding the cost of materials. If extra work is required unexpectedly, the repairer will first contact you to discuss the costs. This means you won't have any unpleasant surprises.

  • Can I also purchase accessories at Bicycles & Service?

    Sure! As well as professional bicycle experts ready to help you get underway again, at Bicycles & Service you'll also find top-quality accessories and parts. Whether you're looking for a rain suit, bike bag, bicycle lights or a sturdy lock, you can get just about anything for your bike at Bicycles & Service.

  • Where can I find a Bicycle & Service location?

    A Bicycle & Service bicycle repair shop can be found at the following stations:

    • Alkmaar
    • Almere - Landdrostdreef
    • Amersfoort - Centrumzijde
    • Amsterdam Amstel
    • Amsterdam Centraal - Stationsplein
    • Amsterdam Centraal - Stationsplein Oost
    • Amsterdam Centraal - IJzijde West
    • Amsterdam Zuid - Zuidplein
    • Apeldoorn
    • Arnhem - Centrumzijde
    • Assen
    • Breda - Belcrum
    • Den Haag Centraal - Stichthage
    • Delft
    • Den Bosch
    • Deventer
    • Driebergen-Zeist
    • Ede-Wageningen - Zuidzijde
    • Eindhoven - Zuidzijde
    • Groningen
    • Harderwijk
    • Hilversum
    • Leeuwarden
    • Leiden Centraal - LUMC
    • Leiden Centraal - Centrumzijde
    • Nijmegen
    • Maastricht
    • Rotterdam
    • Tilburg - Noordzijde
    • Utrecht Centraal - Jaarbeursplein
    • Utrecht Centraal - Stationsplein
    • Zutphen
    • Zwolle - Stationsplein

Still not sure? Go to Customer Service or ask a Bicycles & Service staff member.