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Sneller stallen van je fiets in de fietsenstalling

New check-in and check-out zone

Park your bike in our bike storage facilities even quicker with the new check-in and check-out zone.

How it works

  • Walk your bike to the new check-in and check-out zone.
  • Tap your OV-chipkaart on the display.
  • After tapping your OV-chipkaart, you will be greenlighted and be let through.
  • If you see a red light when you check out, it means you had your bike in storage for more than 24 hours. You can pay at the same kiosk.
  • If you have an NS Flex season ticket or a Stallen op Rekening season ticket, your account will be charged automatically and you'll be greenlit right away.
  • If you have an annual season ticket for our bike storage facilities, you'll also be greenlit right away.

In this video, we'll explain exactly how the new check-in and check-out zone works

Want to park your bike even quicker?

A bike tag will let you check in and out automatically. A bike tag is a chip that is mounted to your bike and linked to your OV-chipkaart. With a bike tag, you won't need an OV-chipkaart to enter or exit our bike storage facilities.

We give out a free bike tag when you purchase an annual season ticket for bike storage or Stallen op Rekening. The bike tag can also be purchased separately for €5.00. To get yours, go to the bicycle storage facility at Amsterdam Amstel station.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the new check-in and check-out zone?

    The first check-in and check-out zone can be found at the bike storage facility at Amsterdam Amstel station.

  • How do I get a bike tag?

    If you'd like a bike tag on your bike, please go to a bike storage attendant. They'll mount the tag on your bike for free. When they're done, you'll be able to check your bike in and out automatically just by walking through the gates.

  • Can anyone get a bike tag?

    Yes, anyone can get a bike tag. If you have an annual season ticket for our bike storage facilities or have Stallen op Rekening, we'll give you a free bike tag. If you don't have a season ticket or Stallen op Rekening, you can buy a bike tag for € 5.

  • I don't have an OV-chipkaart. Can I park my bike?

    If you don't have an OV-chipkaart, you can ask the bike storage attendant for a loan pass to check in and out. After checking out, please return the loan pass to the bike storage attendant. You do need an OV-chipkaart to request a bike tag.

  • What about my privacy?

    The tag only tracks how long you parked your bike. It uses the same technology as your OV-chipkaart.

  • Who can I contact when I have questions or problems?

    For other questions about or problems with the new check-in and check-out zone and the bike tag, please go to a bike storage attendant. They'll do everything they can to help you out. You can also contact the NS Customer Service for a helping hand.

More about parking your bike

Storage on account

Check in and out of the bicycle storage facility conveniently with your OV-chipkaart and pay at the end of the month.

Guarded bicycle storage with attendants

A guarded bicycle storage facility will have attendants or managers present during opening hours.

Secure self-service bicycle storage

Store your bicycle in a guarded self-service storage facility using your OV-chipkaart.

Bicycle storage season ticket

A Bicycle Storage Season Ticket gives you unlimited access to a single bicycle storage facility, for a fixed amount per month. Your annual season ticket is loaded onto your personal OV-chipkaart immediately after you have ordered it.

Bicycle lockers

Store your bicycle securely in a rented bicycle locker.

Free, unguarded bicycle storage

Unguarded bicycle storage racks are available at virtually all NS stations.