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Storage on account

With Storage on account, you pay the fees you owe for storing your bike conveniently by direct debit once a month. So you don't need to pay when you're at the storage facility: just check in and check out with your OV-chipkaart and you'll receive an overview invoice at the end of each month. The fees you owe are paid monthly by direct debit. To use Storage on account, you need to register first, which is free of charge. After that you can use it in all bicycle storage facilities, except for the storage facilities at the stations Hilversum Sportpark, Amersfoort Schothorst, Leiden Centraal and Groningen.

Why opt for Storage on account?

  • No season ticket fees
  • Check in and out at the bicycle storage facility simply by using your OV-chipkaart
  • No need to pay at the storage facility
  • The first 24 hours are free at many stations
  • A monthly invoice gives an overview of your use of the bicycle storage facility

How it works

  1. You can register for free with your personal OV-chipkaart. After registration, we will send you a confirmation email. You can now use Storage on account.
  2. When storing your bicycle in a guarded storage facility, simply check in using your OV-chipkaart and check out with the attendant when you pick up your bicycle. For self-service storage facilities, hold your OV-chipkaart against the display and follow the instructions. You can then check out again with your OV-chipkaart when you collect your bicycle.
  3. The fees for Storage on account are paid via direct debit at the end of the month. In addition, you will receive a monthly invoice with an overview of your storage days. You can access this overview in Mijn NS.

Storage on account will remain active until cancelled, which you can do at any time via Mijn NS.

Where can you use Storage on account?

You can use Storage on account at all guarded and self-service bicycle storage facilities, except for those at the stations Hilversum Sportpark, Amersfoort Schothorst, Leiden Centraal and Groningen.

What does Storage on account cost?

The fees for storing your bike vary for each facility. In many cases the first 24 hours are free of charge. After that, the storage fees start at € 0.50 per day.

Storage on account with an NS-Business Card

Do you have an NS-Business Card or another mobility card? In that case you can probably already use Storage on account. Check with your employer to find out.