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Forget your identification?

If you are traveling with an e-ticket, then you must be able to show a valid proof of identification with your ticket.

Compulsory identification

All persons in the Netherlands are required to provide proof of identification when asked. A valid proof of identification includes: a passport, identification card or driver's license. If you are traveling with an e-ticket, you must have a proof of identification with the same name as the name on the e-ticket. You are required to present both items at the station or in the train when asked.

The conductor is a Special Investigating Officer and is authorised to ask for your proof of identification. If you cannot provide proof of identification, then the conductor is authorised to draw up a police report.

Traveling without identification using an e-ticket

If you are traveling with an e-ticket, but no proof of identification, then you do not have a valid ticket for your journey and you may be issued a fine for traveling without a ticket. The conductor will sell you a ticket, but you will have to pay the legally authorised fine of € 50 as well.

If you realise that you have forgotten your proof of identification before your train departs the station, you can avoid a fine by buying a ticket at the Ticket Machine or traveling using your OV-chipkaart.

Ordering an e-ticket without proof of identification

If you do not have proof of identification, you must cancel your order before you complete the transaction. It is not possible to cancel an e-ticket once the transaction has been completed.

Children traveling with a Railrunner are not required to present a proof of identification with a photo. However, their name and travel date must all be printed on the e-ticket.