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Deferred payments

No valid ticket in the train? Then the conductor can give you a fine. Are you unable to pay in cash immediately? Then you will be granted a deferred payment if you are able to provide proof of your identity.

Deferred payments

Are you unable to show the conductor a valid ticket on the train? Then the conductor will sell you a ticket with a legally specified surcharge of € 50.

If you are unable to pay the fine on the train in cash, the conductor can issue an deferred payment. You must be able to show the conductor a proof of identity for this to be possible. A payment slip will then be delivered to you at home and must be paid within 14 days.

No proof of identity?

In the Netherlands you are legally obliged to carry proof of identity. You must always be able to identify yourself. The conductor is a Buitengewoon Opsporingsambtenaar (BOA) and is fully authorised to ask you to show your proof of identity. If you are unable to do so the conductor will file an official report. The railway police may also become involved in order to investigate your identity.


Have you been granted deferred payment but object to the fine? Then please call NS Customer Service.