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Deferred payments

If you don't have a valid ticket in the train, the conductor or Security & Service assistant will sell you a ticket and collect the legal fine of € 50. If you cannot pay in cash on the spot, then you will be granted deferred payment if you can provide proof of identification.

Increased fine for travelling without a ticket and administration costs as of 1 April 2016

The fine for travelling on public transport without a ticket is € 50, over and above the cost of the train ticket. The € 50 fine has been imposed by the State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment, and is the same amount for all forms of public transport: bus, tram, metro, and train. The administration costs are € 15.

Deferred payment

If you cannot pay the fine in cash in the train, the conductor or Security and Service assistant may grant you deferred payment. To be eligible for deferred payment, you must provide proof of identification. You will then be sent a bill via aceptgiro, which you must pay within 14 days.

No proof of identification

The Netherlands requires all persons to be able to provide proof of identification when asked. In order to be eligible for deferred payment of a fine, you must also provide proof of identification. The Conductor or Security & Service assistant are both officially special investigative officers, and are authorised to ask for your proof of identification. If you cannot provide it, the Conductor or Security & Service assistant will issue an official report, and the Railway Police may be called in to investigate your identity.

If you don't agree with the fine, it's a good idea to pay it anyway.

If you feel that the fine is unjustified, it is important that you pay the amount anyway in order to avoid unnecessary increases of the fine amount. You can submit an appeal after paying the fine, and if your appeal is granted, then the amount paid will be refunded to your account.

We strongly urge you to pay the fine to NS within 14 days. If you do not pay the fine within this period, it will be increased by € 15 to cover administration costs. If you then do not pay the fine within 21 days, we will be forced to transfer the collection to a collection bureau, and the fine will be increased by another € 25 to cover collection costs, on top of the € 15 administration fee. Payments without a reference number cannot be processed.

Submitting an appeal

You can submit an appeal online via the link below. Please remember to clearly state why you feel that the fine is unjustified.