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Direct debit unsuccessful

If the automatic debit transaction is unsuccessful, you will receive a reminder mail via AcceptEmail. AcceptEmail is an electronic payment method that uses iDeal. With AcceptEmail, it is easy to correct payment arrears with just a few mouse clicks.

How does the AcceptEmail work?

Clicking on the AcceptEmail will take you to a secure and recognisable iDeal environment, which is the standard for Internet payments supported by all Dutch consumer banks.

In this environment, you can pay using your own Internet banking service. The information is pre-entered, so there is no risk of payment mistakes.

What do you need to pay an AcceptEmail?

In order to pay an AcceptEmail, you must have access to a computer with an Internet connection and a debit account that offers Internet banking service. In the Netherlands, customers of all Dutch consumer banks can pay using iDEAL.


As AcceptEmail uses your own Internet banking service for payment, it is completely secure. No payment information is sent via e-mail.

The payment always begins from the AcceptEmail SSL secure transaction page. During the payment, you will always see how much you pay the recipient. The payment will be made from your own debit account.

Recognising an AcceptEmail

The AcceptEmail includes several clear recognition details. These are:

  • At the top of the e-mail, you will always see an AcceptEmail heading bar with the NS logo.
  • The same heading bar will also be visible on the landing page, where you can begin the payment process.
  • The URL for the landing page always begins with
  • The payment process always begins and ends on the AcceptEmail pages.
  • The SSL certificate on the landing page is an ‘extended validation’ certificate, so that it is clear in the browser that the payment pertains to an AcceptEmail.

AcceptEmail is incorrect displays wrong amount?

If you have any questions about the amount to be paid or the reason for the payment reminder, please feel free to contact NS Customer Service.

More information

You can find more answers to Frequently Asked Questions at the AcceptEmail website.