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Bicycles & Service

Bicycles & Service is the new formula at the station where you can go for bicycle repairs, from patching inner tubes to complete maintenance.

Bicycle repairs

Bicycles & Service offers repairs and maintenance service, but also sale of top quality bicycle parts and accessories. Whether you need a rain suit, panniers, a bicycle light or a sturdy lock.

Bring your bicycle before 10.00, and it will be ready by 16.00

  • If you bring your bicycle in for repairs on weekdays before 10.00, then it will be ready for you to pick up by 16.00 (only valid for repairs listed on the repair menu, available for download below).
  • If it takes longer to finish your bicycle, then you will receive a loan bicycle.

No surprises

  • Fixed prices for repairs
  • If your bicycle requires unexpected extra work, then we will contact you to ask your permission.

Reliable and professional

  • Bicycles & Service offers top quality parts and accessories for sale.
  • At Bicycles & Service, reliable craftsmen are standing by to serve you.

Fast and convenient

  • If you wish, you can also wait while your bicycle is being repaired.
  • Bicycles & Service can be found at your station.

Locations and opening hours

You can find the Bicycles & Service shops in the bicycle storage facilities at Amsterdam Westzijde, Delft, Hilversum and Jaarbeursplein Utrecht. The Bicycles & Service shop opening hours are provided below.

* On Sundays, only the Bicycles & Service shop at Amsterdam Westzijde is open.
Monday to Friday  7.00 - 19.00
Saturday 10.00 - 18.00
Sunday* 10.00 - 18.00


Our Bicycles & Service technicians will be happy to answer all of your questions.