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P+R Station parking

Discover the convenience of door-to-door travel with P+R! Easily park your car at over 270 locations throughout the Netherlands. Parking is even free at most P+R parking facilities. On the paid areas, you can effortlessly drive in and out and benefit from discounts when travelling by train that day with an OV-chipkaart or e-ticket. 

Benefits of Park and Ride

  • Travel to the station by car in comfort and without getting wet
  • Discount or free day rates for train travellers at select parking facilities
  • Pay afterwards with your NS Flex season ticket
  • Easy entry and exit at 52 paid locations using license plate recognition
  • Check in advance the number of available parking spaces at paid locations

P+R locations can now also be found in the app

  • How do I find P+R locations in the app?

    Picture this: you get up in the morning, ready to go on an adventure. You already have your route in mind, but you're worried about where to leave your car. No more worries! Thanks to the NS app, you no longer have to struggle with finding a suitable parking space.

    You can find P+R locations with just a few taps on your smartphone. You'll be amazed at how simple it is!

    1. Plan your journey from door to door in the app.
    2. Select your chosen route.
    3. Scroll all the way down.
    4. Click on "Services".
    5. Check whether a P+R location is available (P+R is not available everywhere).
    6. Click on P+R if it is in the list.
    7. You can see on the map where the P+R location(s) are.

How does P+R work?

How can you enter, park and exit a parking facility.

P+R rates

Park your car free or at a discount at more than 270 P+R locations in the Netherlands.

Parking season ticket

Would you like to purchase a P+R parking season ticket? Check out all the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for all of your questions about Park + Ride