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To Nijmegen by train

Buying a train ticket online is easy, without booking fees. And at the station you board the train directly. Travel to Nijmegen in comfort. Plan your trip now and book your e-tickets online.

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Skyline van stad met water op de voorgrond

Nijmegen: historical city with friendly vibe

Board the train to Nijmegen, one of the oldest but also liveliest cities in the country. The vibrant heart of this student city is just a few minutes away from the station. Discover the charm of the historic city centre and enjoy the view from the St. Stevenstoren. Nijmegen offers great shopping venues and boasts a range of vintage shops. You've also come to the right place if you're in search of some culture, for instance in the Valkhof Museum. Get a breath of fresh air in one of the green city parks, such as Kronenburgerpark, Valkhofpark and Goffertpark. Nijmegen is also known for its fine gastronomy. So don't miss out and try local delicacies and innovative dishes in its hospitable cafés.

Nijmegen is the ultimate destination for a trip by train. Experience it for yourself and be surprised!

Hoek van plein met oude gevelhuizen

Stations in Nijmegen

There are 5 stations in Nijmegen, spread throughout the city. So there is always one nearby. The stations are:

  • Nijmegen Centraal
  • Nijmegen Heyendaal
  • Nijmegen Lent
  • Nijmegen Goffert
  • Nijmegen Dukenburg

Popular train routes to and from Nijmegen

Nijmegen is easily accessible by train from several directions. Explore this lively city and discover direct train routes to Arnhem, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Roermond and Zutphen. Hop on board and be surprised by the local atmosphere, historical sights and the beautiful location on the river Waal. The train makes travelling to Nijmegen effortless. Plan your trip today!

Travelling to Nijmegen Travelling from Nijmegen
Arnhem - Nijmegen Nijmegen - Arnhem
Amsterdam - Nijmegen  Nijmegen - Amsterdam
Utrecht - Nijmegen Nijmegen - Utrecht
Zutphen - Nijmegen Nijmegen - Zutphen
Roermond - Nijmegen Nijmegen - Roermond

To Nijmegen from any departure station

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