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To Schiphol by train

Buying a train ticket online is easy, without booking fees. And at the station you board the train directly. Travel to Schiphol in comfort. Plan your trip now and book your e-tickets online.

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Schiphol Airport, the international hub of the Netherlands

Your adventure starts at Schiphol Airport, the dynamic international aviation hub. Schiphol welcomes travellers with boundless opportunities and global connections. Taking the train to Schiphol Airport, you will feel the excitement of new destinations and international encounters in the air. Enjoy the impressive spectacle of planes taking off and landing as you see the world at your fingertips. Discover an array of diverse cafes, restaurants and shops, reflecting the global atmosphere. Let the possibilities of travel inspire you.

Whether it's an exotic destination or coming home, Schiphol Airport makes the journey as exciting as your final destination. Board the train and be transported into the exciting world of travel and adventure that awaits you at Schiphol Airport!

Popular train routes to and from Schiphol Airport

Travel carefree by train to Schiphol Airport, the international hub of the Netherlands. With train connections from all directions, the airport is easily accessible. Enjoy the comfort of travelling by train as you cruise to the airport. From the train, your can transfer smoothly to the plane. Or vice versa, of course! Get to Schiphol Airport by train - the ultimate start to your adventure of discovery. Plan your trip today!

Travelling to Schiphol Airport Traveling from Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam
Utrecht - Schiphol Airport  Schiphol Airport - Utrecht
Den Haag - Schiphol Airport Schiphol Airport - Den Haag
Rotterdam - Schiphol Airport Schiphol Airport - Rotterdam
Leiden - Schiphol Airport Schiphol Airport - Leiden

To Schiphol Airport from any departure station

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Travel economically with a group of 2 or more people during off-peak hours. From € 6,30 per person for 7 people. from € 6,30 p.p.