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Station maintenance

Information about the processing of data during maintenance inspections of the station facilities.

What information do we collect?

In order to make your stay at the station as pleasant as possible, it is important that the station facilities are well-maintained. In order to do this work as safely and carefully as possible, we use drones to conduct some maintenance inspections. These drones record images of the interior and exterior of the station buildings.

In order to prevent these drone flights from recording images of you, we post warning signs and if possible we use warning tape to mark the areas where the drones will be active. Travellers are prohibited from entering these areas during drone flights.

Despite these precautionary measures, it is possible that you may be recognisable in the images recorded during these drone flights, for example because you have entered the prohibited areas.

What do we use your personal information for?

The principle behind the use of the information is: the justified interest.

Maintenance inspections of the station buildings are a necessary activity. The use of drones makes it possible to conduct these inspections in areas that are not accessible by humans. They also make the inspections easier and safer for our personnel to conduct.

In principle, we do not wish to collect personal information, as it is not necessary for the maintenance inspections. We make every effort to prevent you from being recognisable in the images, or from processing images of you.

If you are clearly visible in the image, then the drone pilot will stop recording as soon as he/she notices you, and the recordings in which you are visible will be deleted. If the drone pilot does not notice you during the recordings, then the images will be deleted after the fact. If a specific image of the station is absolutely necessary due to its importance for the inspection, then we will ensure that you are not recognisable in the images, for example by using blurring techniques in editing. This will eliminate any of your personal data from the saved images.

With whom do we share this information?

We share the video images that do not contain personal data with our suppliers, such as contractors and installation technicians, in order to conduct station maintenance as efficiently as possible. The images of areas accessible to the public can also be used for communications purposes. Such images will not show any recognisable individuals, however.

How long do we store the information?

Any images that do not show recognisable individuals can be stored for an unlimited period for maintenance purposes.