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Mijn NS, Mijn NS Zakelijk and Mijn NS International

Information about the use of your information to provide access to Mijn NS, Mijn NS Zakelijk and Mijn NS International, and the season ticket shop.

What personal data do we use?

In Mijn NS, Mijn NS Zakelijk or Mijn NS International, we use your contact data and IP address, and if your OV-chipkaart, debit card or credit card is linked to your account, we may also use your OV-chipkaart number, debit card reference number (physical or digital), travel history, type of season ticket and invoices. 

If you have an NS-Business Card from NS Zakelijk, we will use your business contact data if possible.

What do we use your personal data for?

Through Mijn NS, Mijn NS Zakelijk and Mijn NS International, you can easily change your personal data and season ticket, view your travel data, ask for a refund in the event that you experience a delay (GTBV) or forget to check out, generate Co-travel discount codes, or subscribe to the NS newsletter. For this, you need to sign up once for a Mijn NS or Mijn NS International account.  If you have a Mijn NS or Mijn NS International account, you can log into both environments.  

The principle for processing is: performance of the agreement

Because we have access to personal data such as your name, address, place of residence and e-mail address, and because you have or may have a contract with NS, NS will create a Mijn NS account with your e-mail address, if you do not have one already, and send you an invitation to activate said account by e-mail. NS does this to make it easier for you to manage your own data and gain easy access to services. If you do not accept the link in the invitation, the Mijn NS Account will not be activated. If you take out an NS Flex season ticket, you need to have a Mijn NS account. You will automatically receive an invitation for this purpose. If you have an NS Flex season ticket, you can only view your travel data and invoices through a Mijn NS account.

The principle for data processing is: legitimate interest

You can also create an NS account yourself if you do not have a contract with NS. In addition, you can choose whether or not to link your OV-chipkaart, debit card or credit card to your account. In that case, registering an NS account is completely voluntary, and you can use your account to amend your permissions, change your personal data, or request a service such as travel assistance. For this purpose, NS has a more significant interest in processing your e-mail address and password, especially since this processing only commences at your request. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your username and password are always strictly private. Do not provide them to third parties (in any form whatsoever). This can compromise your privacy.

With whom do we share data?

We contract third parties to provide IT services. These third parties process our data solely for our own internal use, and for no other purpose. We have made agreements with these parties pertaining to the processing of personal data.

We are authorised to provide your personal data to parties outside the European Economic Community under certain circumstances. In that event, we will take suitable measures with these parties, for example by agreeing to the standard provisions required by the European Commission.

How long do we store your data?

If you no longer wish to use the services of Mijn NS, Mijn NS Zakelijk or Mijn NS International, you can cancel your account at any time. We will then delete your account, however this does not mean that you will no longer receive the NS newsletter. Your season ticket will also not be cancelled as a result.