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Your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has specified new rules that apply to the processing of personal data. NS handles the information of passengers and (former) employees carefully and securely. The personal data that we use is still obviously yours. That is why you have the right to view, change, delete, limit or transfer to another party any of your information that is in our possession. In some cases this can be done using Mijn NS, or using the request form. You can also send an e-mail to to inform us of the right you wish to exercise. You have the right to demand the following from us:

Right to view

Would you like to know which data we are processing? You can always request an overview from us. We will then tell you, among other things, what we use the data for, how long we store it and what you can do if the data is inaccurate. You can view some of your personal data via Mijn NS. If you do not yet have a Mijn NS account (or a Mijn NSI or Mijn NS Zakelijk) account, you can create one now.

If you would like to view more data than is available in Mijn NS, then you can submit a request to inspect your personal data using the request form. Naturally, we have to be certain that we are providing the right person with the personal data. For this reason, we ask that you send a copy of your valid passport or proof of identity with the form. Please conceal your BSN number and your passport photo in the copy.

Correcting or supplementing your data (rectification)

Is the data we are using no longer correct or incomplete? You can easily correct some of the data using Mijn NS. If you do not yet have a Mijn NS (or Mijn NS Zakelijk) account, then you can create one now. If you would like to correct data that are not available in Mijn NS, then you can submit a request for rectification using the request form.

Deleting your personal data (erasure)

Under certain circumstances, you may request that we delete your data from our system by filling in the request form. As a consequence of this, we will no longer be able to provide you with our products and services.

Objecting to the processing of your data

In various situations, you may object to the (further) processing of your data. For example, based on your personal circumstances.You can state this on the request form. After assessment, we will inform you of whether your request can be complied with.

Temporarily stopping the processing of your personal data (restriction)

Would you like to temporarily pause the processing of your personal data? Then you can fill in the request form.

Transferring your data (data portability)

If you wish, you can receive a copy of your data that is in our possession. You can transfer this data yourself, or request that we do so. You can request this and make your choice known using the request form.

These rights are not absolute. We will consider your request in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We will inform you of any actions undertaken regarding your request as quickly as possible, or within a month of the receipt of your request. We may extend this period by two months due to the complexity of your request or the number of requests received. In that event, we will inform you of the extension.

Opt out of travel data analysis for marketing purposes

If you would prefer not to receive information and offers from NS based on your OV-chipkaart usage or customer profile, you can opt out here. NS needs to you to fill in your personal data for this purpose so that we can identify you and process your request to opt out properly.

We are keen to maintain our relationship with you. When we pursue this for marketing purposes related to passenger growth and distribution, then we have a commercial interest in using certain derived travel data. We call this data monthly indicators. Monthly indicators are travel data that provide information on travel frequency, duration since previous journey, whether or not you travel during rush hour, preferred routes, preferred stations, use of OV-fiets, storage on account and travel revenue. We use this data for analyses aimed at identifying trends and adjusting our products accordingly. Linking this data to individual travel data enables us to improve our operating results and increase customer satisfaction. In our analyses, we use aggregated or anonymised data wherever possible. The data that we use only provides information on how you travel. We can't use this data to 'track' you. If you would prefer not to receive information and offers based on your OV-chipkaart usage, click here to opt out.

Submitting a complaint

You retain the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority at any time. If the DDMA Code of Conduct applies, you can lodge a complaint with the DDMA Privacy Authority.