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Traveling on an international train

It is always possible to take an international train to a destination in the Netherlands, although this usually requires a supplement.

Paying to travel on international trains within the Netherlands

Dutch train tickets are valid in:

  • All NS trains and with a supplement in IC direct
  • All NS International trains, with the exception of Thalys and City Nightline. A supplement is required on ICE International trains
  • All trains run by Arriva, Breng, Connexxion (Valleilijn), Keolis and Veolia
  • All trains run by the Belgian and German railway companies in the Netherlands (Heerlen-border vv, Enschede-border vv, Maastricht-border vv).

The lines between Roosendaal to the border and between Venlo to the border do not have Dutch stations, so passengers cannot purchase domestic tickets there. However, all tickets are valid up to the border.

Discount on domestic routes with an NS season ticket

If you are traveling by rail abroad, you must purchase an international train ticket. An NS season ticket may offer a discount for the domestic part of your international journey, with the exception of journeys aboard Thalys. Ask about a possible discount when you order your ticket.

For more information, terms and conditions and options for international train travel, please see the complete overview.

Opening gates

To open a closed gate, hold the square barcode on your international ticket against a gate equipped with an integrated barcode and OV-chipkaart reader. You can recognise these gates by the icon with the words 'scan ticket' on the right-hand door of the gate, and by the illuminated area to the right of the gate.

Defective barcode reader

If the barcode reader does not work, go to the information pole near the gates and press the blue i-button for assistance. You will be put into contact with one of our employees, who can help you further. Or you can ask a service assistant if any are present at the station.

International travel in combination with an OV-chipkaart

If you are traveling internationally, then you need not use your OV-chipkaart during your departure from the Netherlands or your arrival back in the country. You must purchase an international ticket for your entire journey: from your departure station in the Netherlands to your final destination abroad. An NS season ticket often provides a discount for the domestic part of your international journey. If you mention that you have an NS season ticket when booking your trip, the discount will be calculated into the price of your international ticket. If you have an NS season ticket on your OV-chipkaart, bring your OV-chipkaart along with you so that you can prove that you are eligible for the discount.

Checking in and out

You must remember to check in and out for the domestic part of your international journey. A supplement is required for many international trains. These supplements can be purchased at a ticket machine or the service desk. You can also use your OV-chipkaart or purchase an e-ticket online.