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Traveling in an international train with the NS-Business Card

No supplement is required to travel on an international train within the Netherlands using the NS-Business Card.

Traveling in an international train with the NS-Business Card

You can use your NS-Business Card to travel within the Netherlands aboard the IC Brussel, IC Berlijn and ICE International (no supplement required), but not aboard Thalys. To travel aboard an international train, simply check in and out at the NS poles or gates. A surcharge is required when traveling on the Intercity direct with your NS-Business Card.

Show your NS-Business Card in an international train

During an international journey, you only need your international train ticket to ride the train. You only need to show your NS-Business Card if you are using the season ticket linked to the card to receive a discount on your international journey and/or while traveling to the departure station for your international train.

Traveling to international destinations with your NS-Business Card

You can also use your NS-Business Card to bill international travels to your account. Booking a trip is simple via Mijn NS Zakelijk. Travel to destinations such as Paris and Brussels aboard Thalys or to Frankfurt and Cologne on the ICE International. You do not need to declare your trip afterwards, and your employer will receive a single, easy-to-read invoice.

Employer's permission

Your employer can choose to authorise or deny international travel for all employees, a select group or at the individual level. If 'Book international travel' is visible under Immediate Booking in Mijn NS Zakelijk, then you can book an international train ticket using your NS-Business Card. If that is not the case, then you must ask for approval from your company's NS contact person.

Traveling with an international ticket

When you book your entire journey via Mijn NS Zakelijk, your international train ticket is also valid for the domestic leg of your trip to the departure station for your international train. You need not check in and out with your NS-Business Card. That way, you will not be billed twice for the domestic leg of your journey.

If you have booked your international journey from the departure station of the international train, but you still need to travel to that destination within the Netherlands, then you must check in and out for the domestic leg of your journey using your NS-Business Card. You can then continue your journey on the international train using your international ticket. We recommend booking the entire journey via Mijn NS Zakelijk, so that you do not need to check in and out along the way.

Discount on the domestic leg of an international train journey with an NS-Business Card season ticket.

When you travel abroad by train, you must purchase an international train ticket. Your NS season ticket may make you eligible for a discount for the domestic leg of your international journey, with the exception of travel aboard Thalys and Eurostar. Depending on the discount percentage, you may choose for Discount on NS trains or Free travel on NS trains. You will be issued an international train ticket with 40% discount or 100% discount to the Dutch border. The NS season ticket on your NS-Business Card, together with the international train ticket, gives you the right to travel on the selected trains.

Changing or cancelling international train journeys with the NS-Business Card

Depending on the applicable terms and conditions, you may change or cancel the international train booking any time before your scheduled departure date. Simply call the NS International Service Centre at 030 - 2300023. They are standing by to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.