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On the train

Several facilities are available aboard the train for travellers with a hearing impairment. For example, a red indicator light will blink when the doors are closing, and travel information screens in most trains display current information about the journey and transfer options. This page features all of the information you need about facilities aboard the train when travelling with a hearing impairment.

Red 'door closing' indicator light above the doors

After the conductor blows a whistle, he/she will board the train and close all of the doors except for the one he/she is standing in. When the conductor activates the door controls, a red light will start blinking above the doors and an audio warning will indicate that the doors are about to close. Do not enter or exit the train while the red light is blinking.

The red indicator lights are installed on Sprinter types Flint, SNG and SLT and double-decker type DDZ. Over the next few years, the VIRM double-deckers and the new ICNG Intercity types will enter service. These trains are also equipped with the red indicator lights. If you will be travelling aboard an older train without indicator lights above the doors, please pay close attention to the conductor. If he/she is standing in the door opening with a whistle at the ready, then you can no longer board the train.

Travel information screens

Most trains are equipped with travel information screens showing current information about the journey and transfer options, as well as informational videos about NS. These videos are always subtitled for the hearing impaired.