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Individual compensation

In late November 2018, Mr. Salo Muller (a Holocaust survivor) and NS President-Director Van Boxtel decided to form a committee to consider the question of how an individual compensation scheme could be organised and implemented for survivors and their immediate family members of those who were transported for deportation to concentration camps or death camps.


Salo Muller has been in consultation with NS regarding possible compensation to victims of deportations since 2016. Muller survived the Holocaust, but lost his parents, who were murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz.


In January 2019, the NS Committee on Individual Compensation for Victims of World War II Deportations was formed, along with the NS Foundation for Individual Compensation for Victims of World War II Deportations.

The independent Committee considered the question of how should individual compensation to survivors and immediate family members be organised, and over the actual implementation of the compensation scheme.

The Committee is composed of the members of the Foundation board: Job Cohen, Lilian Gonçalves – Ho Kang You, Ellen van der Waerden and Eva van Ingen.

The Committee issued its recommendations to NS on 26 June 2020. NS has adopted the recommendation on individual compensation.

Jews, Roma and Sinti

Jews, Roma and Sinti who, on orders of the German occupying forces, were transported by NS to camps in Westerbork, Vught or Amersfoort or other locations in the Netherlands to be deported to concentration camps or death camps with the goal of eliminating them as a group may be eligible for individual, financial compensation.

Upon their passing, their immediate descendants may be eligible for compensation in their stead.

State of affairs regarding individual compensation

A total of 7,645 applications for individual compensation had been received as of 4 August 2020. Of these, 6,700 applications have been evaluated so far; 5,000 applications have been approved, and 1,250 were rejected. Some applications are still waiting to be evaluated. by 5 August 2020, approximately 40 million euros had been paid out in compensation.

The deadline for submitting an application for compensation was 5 August 2020.