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From home to an appointment in the city, or from work to your beach hut; wherever you go, you can plan your journey with the NS-app. The most complete app for planning all of your travels, from door to door. Check the current location of your bus or train, or whether an OV-fiets is available at your destination, and discover even more handy extra features. Download it for free today via the App Store or Google Play.

Up to date travel information always available

With the NS-app, you always have access to up to date travel information. The app shows you departure times and platforms, crowd forecasts, price and the average punctuality for your train and route, as well as possible delays or planned engineering work. In addition, the NS-app provides current news and useful notifications. For example, a notification regarding checking out with your OV-chipkaart.

Download the NS-app for free

You can download Reisplanner Xtra travel planner app for free with your Android and/or iOS smartphone and tablet.

What the NS-app can do

Planning your journey on public transport

With the NS-app, you can plan your journey to any destination using public transport. The app displays where the bus, tram and metro is in real time, as well as all current departure times.

Route announcements

If you regularly travel by train along the same route, you can set it in the NS-app and you will receive a notification if any engineering works or other disruptions occur along your route. That way, you will know well in advance whether your usual train is on time or not. Never again hurry to catch a train that's delayed.

Save journeys

The app also allows you to save your favourite journeys under 'My travel', so you don't have to re-enter the entire journey every time. View the current travel information at a single glance, and simply swipe left or right to find earlier or later travel opportunities.

Price based on season ticket

You can enter which season ticket you have under 'settings' in the app. From that moment, the app will show the price for your journey based on your season ticket and the time you wish to travel.

Travel history

The journeys you plan are automatically saved in your travel history. This makes it easier to find journeys you have already planned.

Current travel information, delays and engineering work

With the app, you always have the most up-to-date travel information close at hand. You can immediately view the current departure times at the station of your choice. The app also provides an overview of current delays and engineering work throughout the country, as well as all of the scheduled disruptions for the next 10 days. The map shows where and when the engineering work is being conducted at a single glance.

Receive push notifications in event of changes to the timetable

When the railway timetable is corrected due to expected weather conditions, we will always inform you in advance by means of a push notification.

For Android, simply check next to 'Push notifications' in the Settings main menu. For IOS, check the box next to 'Receive emergencies'.

Train information

Using the NS-app you can see which facilities are available in the train, such as WiFi, toilets and so forth. In addition, you can see exactly where the train is on its route in real time using the train radar.

Facilities at stations

You can easily see an overview of all the facilities at nearby stations or at a chosen station. The OV-fiets, Greenwheels and NS Zonetaxi locations are also shown. You can also book an NS Zonetaxi and check whether an OV-fiets is available by looking at the bottom right of the menu under 'More'.

Crowd indicator

The crowd indicator provides a forecast for the average crowding for the entire train, and is based on historical data and the scheduled length of the train. If your chosen train is predicted to be full, then you can use the planner to see whether an earlier or later train will be less crowded. To view the crowd indicator, simply press the 'More' button at the top right of the screen.

On-time indicator

When you press the 'More' button at the top right of the screen, you will see an on-time indicator. This number indicates how often your train has been on time over the past three months. Pressing the on-time percentage will display background information about the figure.

Current train length and composition

This feature shows what type of train is scheduled and how long it is. You can also see whether the train is equipped with WiFi or a bicycle compartment. In the event of a disruption or malfunction, it may be necessary to schedule a different train. If this train is shorter than planned, and therefore potentially more crowded, we will show that in the Reisplanner Xtra app.

Functionalities at Schiphol

After a long flight, the thing you want most is to get home as quickly as possible. But it is often busy at Schiphol Airport. With this functionality, you can see exactly where the train will stop at the platform, so you don't have to carry your luggage to the train, then stand in line to board it. This functionality is especially useful for tracks 1+2 in the direction of Amsterdam at Schiphol, and track 15 at Utrecht Centraal.

The app is easy to use. Plan your journey from Schiphol Airport in advance and select the time you would like to depart. Then press the route between your departure and arrival stations for an image and additional details about your journey. You can scroll the train from left to right to see the letters indicating where the train will stop along the platform.


If you would like to know more about the NS-app, you can contact the developers directly via the app, or you can contact our Customer Service.

NS-Business Card holders and the NS-app

Are you travelling for work and do you have an NS-Business Card? The NS-app has special functionality for NS-Business Card holders. It allows you to:

  • correct a forgotten check out that has been billed to your monthly invoice;
  • change classes;
  • view your journeys and transactions;
  • add and edit characteristics;
  • order a taxi or a Greenwheels car (you need an active Greenwheels account to do this);
  • view locations of Q-Park P+R car parks and see how busy they are.

When you have the NS-app installed, you only have to log in 1 x  using the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk. To do so, open the NS app and select Mijn NS-account in the menu. Then select NS-Business Card and use the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk.