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Making changes

With NS you can easily make changes to your NS season tickets and anything related to them. For example, your personal details, optional additional season tickets and Keuzedagen. You can of course choose to transfer to a different season ticket, cancel your season ticket or swap classes.

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Making changes to season tickets

This page provides more information about how to make changes to your season ticket. Please note that balance-based season tickets will no longer be available as of December 2020. Our NS Flex season tickets offer a good alternative: season tickets with lots more options.

Transferring to a different season ticket

Would you like to swap your current season ticket for a different season ticket? You can do this easily via Mijn NS or NS Customer Service.

Extending season tickets

Annual season tickets are extended automatically.

Renewing, cancelling, or changing Keuzedagen

Cancelling your season ticket or switching to another season ticket may have consequences for your Keuzedagen. Your Keuzedagen will be extended and renewed automatically.

Changing your personal information

With your own Mijn NS account, you can manage your own personal information and gain access to your travel history, in both the business and consumer environments, but also for door-to-door services.

Changing class

Do you have a 2nd class season ticket but would like to enjoy some extra comfort in 1st class for a change? Then you can easily change class for a day before departure at any NS ticket machine. You can also permanently change your season ticket's class using Mijn NS. Changing class is also possible with an Optional Day.

Making changes to optional additional season tickets

With some season tickets it is possible to order extra season tickets for family members. These are also referred to as optional additional season tickets. An optional additional season ticket allows family members to benefit from extra discounts. You can order these with your season ticket, or later via Mijn NS.

Making changes to an NS-Business Card

Would you like to make a change to a season ticket on your NS-Business Card? You can do this easily via Mijn NS Zakelijk.