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Selling your own train tickets

NS has the ambition of creating an open public transport market with new entrants, resulting in more options and supply for travellers. For this reason, NS makes it easier for other parties to sell train tickets under their own name in order to make train travel as easy as possible and encourage innovation in the field of mobility.

Technology is increasingly enabling travellers to choose smart combinations of transport options, including train, bus, tram, metro, shared car, taxi or OV-fiets. NS aims to remove as many barriers as possible to the integration of the train in a total mobility solution. NS also wants other developers of mobility services to be able to integrate train journeys into their range of options so that they can also help to make public transport more attractive. NS facilitates this by offering the train journey as a building block or semi-finished product. We call this the NS Resell Package.

The NS Resell Package in brief

NS offers market parties the option of selling train tickets under their own name in two different ways:

  1. Selling e-tickets
    By means of the Resell Package, parties that meet the quality criteria can sell e-tickets under their own name and are free to determine the price. All of the train routes in the Netherlands operated by all train operators are included in the range. NS gives a purchase discount for NS routes, as well as access to the necessary APIs through which e-tickets can be purchased in a customised house style.
  2. Selling train journeys by means of the OV-chipkaart
    Please note: this is only accessible for Company Card Providers who are registered as such with Translink. All of the information that follows therefore relates to the sale of e-tickets.

For whom?

All parties that wish to provide high-quality mobility services are welcome to approach NS. There are a number of quality criteria that NS requires the parties to meet in order to become an authorised reseller. These criteria relate to image and the way sales, service and communications are organised.

More information

For more information, please contact us using the contact form below.