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NS and passengers with disabilities have a shared desire for more accessible public transport. Our aim is equal travel opportunities for everyone: travelling independently where possible and with assistance where necessary. To this end NS has concluded agreements with partners Ieder(in), the Oogvereniging (Dutch eye association), the Roos Prommenschenckel Foundation and ProRail.

NS trains have extra features to help people with disabilities, for instance special entrances, accessible toilets and priority seats. In addition to Travel Assistance, it is also possible to travel independently on new sprinters with a wheelchair or mobility scooter. At this time you can use NS Travel Assistance at 131 stations. In the next few years we will expand it to all stations served by NS where the platform allows it.

In addition, constant consideration is given to the facilities that this group needs at our stations. For instance ramps, lifts, information in Braille etc.