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Bicycle lockers

Bicycle lockers are available at many smaller stations that do not have a guarded storage facility. The NS bicycle lockers are suitable for all standard bicycles, but not for motorcycles, mopeds or scooters.

Why choose a bicycle locker?


  • Available at many smaller stations
  • Access with private key
  • Suitable for all standard bicycles
  • Arrange an annual season ticket easily online

How it works

  1. You purchase an annual season ticket
  2. You receive your own key for opening and locking your bicycle locker

If all of the bicycle lockers at a station are already taken, you can reserve one. You will then be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a bicycle locker becomes available, you'll be able to purchase a season ticket.

Bicycle locker rental rates

An annual season ticket for a bicycle locker costs € 109 per year, plus a € 40 key deposit, payable in advance.

How large is a bicycle locker?

There are two types of bicycle locker: the enclosed, white model (74.5 cm wide, 176 cm deep and 121.5 cm high), and the version with a wire/grated door (78.5 cm wide, 176 cm deep and 121.5 cm high).


To report problems with your bicycle locker or the self-service storage facility, please fill in our form.