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Season Tickets, New: Flexible Season Tickets

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This is NS Flex

  • NS Flex lets you pick the discount that suits you best this month

  • If you want, you can change your preferred discount every month

Your preferred discount, whenever you want

August: Going on holiday?

No discount needed

Deactivate your Season Ticket for 1 month

September: Back to work

Time for peak-hour travel

Activate Altijd Voordeel

December: Family visits galore

Discount for the holidays

Switch to Dal Voordeel

Even more benefits

  • Carefree check-in and check-out

    We won’t bill you for travel costs until the end of the month, along with your Season Ticket. Topping up your balance is a thing of the past. On top of that, Mijn NS lets you stay on top of your travel costs whenever, wherever.

  • Helps you save money even after travelling once during a weekend!

    We’ve introduced a new type of discount: Weekend Voordeel. This will let you travel with 40% discount on the weekend. For just € 2 per month!

A quick summary

  • Change or deactivate your Season Ticket every month

  • No balance: carefree check-in and check-out

  • We’ll send you a single, clear-cut bill every month

NS Flex Season Tickets

Starting at € 2 per month.
Adjust or deactivate every month

Discover more about NS Flex

If you already have a NS Season Ticket,
this is how you can make the switch

Would you rather not have NS Flex?

You can still opt for one of our traditional Season Tickets

With traditional Season Tickets, you have to top up your balance before travelling, which means you’ll have to go to a ticket machine or top-up station. These Season Tickets can’t be adjusted every month.

Find the season ticket that suits you

Filter results. How are you travelling?

All 6 season tickets

Dal Voordeel
  • 40% discount on weekends.
  • 40% discount when you travel during off-peak hours
Weekend Vrij
  • Unlimited travel on weekends
  • 40% discount when you travel during off-peak hours
Dal Vrij
  • Unlimited travel on weekends
  • Unlimited travel during off-peak hours.
Traject Vrij
  • Unlimited travel along a select route
  • 40% discount on other routes
Altijd Vrij
  • Unlimited travel on weekends
  • Unlimited travel during off-peak hours.
  • Unlimited travel during peak hours.
  • Unlimited travel along a select route from the border.
  • 40% discount for 3 travel companions

Extra benefits Kids, Youth, (Ex-)Students

Kids Vrij

  • Children can accompany you for free
  • Also valid during peak hours

Travelling with Keuzedagen

Are you over the age of 60? With Keuzedagen, you can enjoy even greater discounts all day long, 7 days per year.

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