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NS Flex season ticket, Which ticket suits your plans best?

Pick your season ticket

This is NS Flex

  • When do you travel?

  • You can change your preferred discount every month if you want.

Choose your season ticket

Basic: Zonder Abonnement

€ 0 /month

Travel without a discount but with the benefits of NS Flex

Traject Vrij: Traject Vrij

Price depends on the route

Unlimited travel on the selected route
40% discount outside peak hours on other routes

Dal Voordeel: Dal Voordeel

€ 5 /month

40% discount at weekends
40% discount outside peak hours

Even more benefits

  • Change your NS Flex season ticket

    If you already have an NS Flex season ticket, just log on to Mijn NS. You can change your discount every month.

  • Change your subscription to NS Flex

    If you are thinking of changing your old subscription to NS Flex you can arrange to have it transferred in Mijn NS.

A quick summary

  • Change or pause your season ticket every month

  • Travel on a single OV-chipkaart

  • Pay at the end of the month

NS Flex season ticket

Which ticket suits your plans best?

Discover more about NS Flex

If you already have a NS Flex season ticket,
this is how you can make the switch

Do you want an other NS season ticket?

With traditional Season Tickets, you have to top up your balance before travelling, which means you’ll have to go to a ticket machine or top-up station. These Season Tickets can’t be adjusted every month.

Which ticket suits your plans best?

Filter results. How are you travelling?

All 3 season tickets

Dal Voordeel
  • 40% discount on weekends.
  • 40% discount when you travel during off-peak hours
Traject Vrij annual season ticket
  • Unlimited travel along a select route
  • 40% discount on other routes
  • Unlimited travel along a select route from the border.
  • 40% discount for 3 travel companions

Extra benefits Kids, Youth, (Ex-)Students

Kids Vrij

  • Children can accompany you for free
  • Also valid during peak hours