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What is NS Flex?

NS Flex is the product name associated with our season tickets. You travel using your OV-chipkaart and enjoy the benefits of NS Flex. One of these is that you can change or temporarily pause your season ticket on a monthly basis. This page contains more information about NS Flex.

Why NS Flex?

If you wish, NS Flex allows you to choose each month the discount that suits your journeys. Unlike with single tickets, this means you receive a discount whenever you take the train, enabling you to save a lot on your travel costs. You no longer need to have a minimum balance of € 20 of € 10 on your OV-chipkaart, as you pay afterwards via direct debit.

If you're not planning to travel for a while, you can change your season ticket to NS Flex Basic without having to pay season ticket costs (€ 0 per month), while still enjoying the benefits of NS Flex.

The benefits of NS Flex are as follows:

  • You can change or cancel your season ticket on a monthly basis
  • You always travel with the discount that best suits your travel needs
  • Direct check-in and check-out on the train, bus, tram and metro
  • You can make use of an OV-fiets and Bicycle Storage on account
  • You pay your travel costs monthly in arrears by direct debit
  • Upgrade your journey to first class up to 15 minutes after check-in

How NS Flex works

NS Flex Basis is the ´basic´ option - there are no season ticket costs, you travel without a discount, but you still enjoy the benefits of NS Flex.

If you travel often by train, then in addition to this 'basic' option, you can choose the discount that best suits your method and frequency of travel. This choice is available to you every month. For example, if you mainly travel during the week in off-peak hours, then Dal Voordeel (Off-peak discount), Dal Vrij (Any off-peak hours) or Altijd Voordeel (Always discount) are good options. You can choose various combinations of discounts for travel during off-peak hours, rush hour, the weekend or on public holidays.

NS Flex on your personal OV-chipkaart

NS Flex is a product that you add to your personal OV-chipkaart. You can do this at the NS ticket machine, one hour after ordering your new season ticket. You can travel immediately after doing this. If you do not already have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can request one while making your order. We will send it to you with your new season ticket on it. This takes a few days.

Your personal OV-chipkaart is a card with a passport photo on it. You are the only person who can travel using this card. If you'd like to travel with others, there are many NS Flex season tickets that allow you to take up to three companions with you during off-peak hours at a discount of 40% (the Samenreiskorting.

NS Flex on other carriers

NS Flex is loaded onto a personal OV-chipkaart that you can also use to check in and out of other carriers such as the metro, bus and tram. Make sure you always check out from NS before checking into and boarding another carrier such as Arriva or Connexxion.

Please note: the discount associated with your NS Flex season ticket only applies to your train journeys with NS and other rail carriers. You pay full fare on the bus, metro and tram. If you have a discount season ticket for the bus, metro or tram, please contact our Customer Service. We can then combine your discount season ticket with your NS Flex season ticket.