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Changing your personal information

With your own Mijn NS account, you can manage your own personal information and gain access to your travel history, in both the business and consumer environments, but also for door-to-door services.

Multiple NS accounts

With an NS account, you can edit your personal information. If you wish to view and edit your season tickets and claims,  and view your previous journeys, you must first link your OV-chipkaart to your account.

  • If you are a private customer with a personal OV-chipkaart, then you can create a Mijn NS account and then log in at Mijn NS.
  • If you are a business customer or the contact person for NS Zakelijk and NS-Business Card holders for your company, then you can create an account at Mijn NS Zakelijk and then log in.
  • In order to view your door-to-door services, you must create your own account at Mijn NS.

Which personal information can you change?

With an NS account, you can edit your personal information. Travellers with an OV-chipkaart can log in to Mijn NS. Contact persons for NS Zakelijk and NS-Business Card holders can log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk.

  • Address information (only the home address, not a company address)
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Password for your account
  • Bank account number
    • You should always notify us about a new bank account or change the account number yourself. This applies even if you use a transfer service.
    • When you're in Mijn NS, you can change the bank account number under 'Products'.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your company's information in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

What other services does the secure environment offer?

In Mijn NS and Mijn NS Zakelijk you can:

  • request refunds when you forget to check out;
  • view and download your travel history with your OV-chipkaart;
  • change your personal information;
  • register for our newsletter with special offers and travel information;
  • view your Keuzedagen, if applicable;
  • change your season ticket for new season tickets (Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel, Dal Vrij, Altijd Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Kids Vrij), add extra options (optional days or Intercity Direct Altijd Toeslagvrij), cancel orders or change classes;
  • activate or deactivate your door-to-door services.