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Making changes to an NS-Business Card

Would you like to make a change to a season ticket on your NS-Business Card? You can do this easily via Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Making changes to season tickets on the NS-Business Card

Changing to a more expensive season ticket is always possible. Cancellation or transfer to a cheaper season ticket is possible after 1 month. If you are the contact person at your company or the authorised card holder then you can do this easily online via Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Changing route with a Traject Vrij season ticket

A route can always be changed using Mijn NS Zakelijk. You do not have to wait for 1 month. You can do this online in Mijn NS Zakelijk via the card details of the relevant card.

Please note: it is important that you load the route change onto your NS-Business Card using an NS Ticket Machine no later than the start date. The change will expire after this date and you will have to request a new route change.

Refunds when changing season tickets or routes

Refunds are granted for the costs of season tickets (Dal, Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij en OV Vrij) for the remaining months of the year that has been paid for. As soon as a change to another season ticket, a change in route, or a class swap takes place, then the costs for that season ticket for a full year are charged.

You cannot change departmental or company cards

A departmental or company card cannot be changed by you. A personal NS-Business Card can be. If you would like to change a departmental card then you have to cancel the current card and order a new NS-Business Card for your department.