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Renting from an OV-fiets locker

The OV-fiets locker is an automated rental location. If you have an OV-chipkaart with an OV-fiets service, you can rent an OV-fiets from the locker. If you would like to rent a second bicycle, simply repeat the process and take another bicycle from the locker.

How to rent an OV-fiets

  • Insert your OV-chipkaart into the metal slot.
  • The display will show which locker to open. Open the locker by firmly lifting the door handle, which may require some force.
  • Take the OV-fiets
  • Carefully close the door. Wait until the display notifies you that the door is locked.

You can distinguish OV-fiets lockers in unguarded storage facilities by the OV-fiets logo printed on the side. One of the bicycle lockers will feature a blue control panel with a display and keys.

Returning an OV-fiets

When you return the OV-fiets, place your OV-chipkaart in the metal slot on the blue control panel. You will be asked if the bicycle is still in good condition. If this is not the case, you will have the opportunity to state what is wrong with the bicycle. The OV-fiets will not be rented out to anyone else until the problem is repaired. Once you have entered a description of the damage, the screen will display the number of the locker where you can park your OV-fiets. Place the OV-fiets in the locker, close the door carefully, and wait until the screen displays a notification that the door is securely locked.

Locker damaged or occupied

If you are unable to put your OV-fiets in the specified locker because it is damaged or occupied, lock the OV-fiets and deposit the key in the key safe. Call the NS Customer Service at 030-7515155 to have your key picked up and scanned.