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New OV-fiets lock

With the new lock, your OV chipkaart doubles as the key to your OV-fiets. Find out exactly how the new lock works or find a rental location nearby.

No more OV-fiets key

Your OV chipkaart is the key to the lock.

Even faster rentals

You no longer have to pass by a service employee.

Overview with the NS-app

Receive push notifications and see your latest rides.

Here's how the new OV-fiets lock works

With the new OV-fiets lock, you easily rent an OV-fiets with your OV chipkaart.

Lock your OV-fiets along the way as often as you like. The OV-fiets rental stops when you lock it in an OV-fiets zone at the rental location.

How does the new OV-fiets lock work?

OV-fiets in the NS app

Via the NS app, you can find nearby bicycles via 'Near Me'. Want to view your rides made, get a notification when your ride is closed or report damage to the bike? Then activate OV-fiets information in the app.

How to activate OV-fiets information in the NS app

  1. Open the NS app
  2. Go to More and then My NS
  3. Add your OV-chipkaart to activate OV-fiets infromation
  4. Fill in the number of the rented OV-fiets once at OV-fiets ride information.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new OV-fiets lock

  • How does the new OV-fiets lock work?

    Read the instructions below or see the handy Brochure on the new OV-fiets lock.

    Renting an OV-fiets

    1. Choose an OV-fiets
    2. To open the lock, hold your OV-chipkaart against the lock.
    3. If you have an OV-fiets season ticket, the lock will open and your rental will automatically begin. You can immediately continue on your journey.

    On the road

    1. While you're on the road, you can lock the OV-fiets by pressing the button for 1 second.
    2. Next, press the ring lock down a bit to release the chain lock. Now you can lock both the ring lock and the chain lock.

    This OV-fiets can now only be opened using your OV-chipkaart.

    1. To open the lock, hold your OV-chipkaart against the lock.
    2. You can open the chain lock by pressing the button for 3 seconds, then removing the chain.

    Returning the OV-fiets

    1. Go to the location where you rented the OV-fiets
    2. Park the OV-fiets in one of the designated OV-fiets parking spaces.
    3. To lock the OV-fiets, press the button for 1 second and close the ring lock. 
    4. This will automatically end your OV-fiets rental. You can now leave the location.
  • How do I know if my OV-fiets rental was concluded correctly.

    If you lock the bicycle following the instructions in the brochure on the new OV-fiets lock, then you can rest assured that your OV-fiets rental has been concluded properly. If you aren't sure whether you locked the OV-fiets correctly, or if you'd like to view your recent OV-fiets rentals, simply download the NS-app.

    Add your personal OV-chipkaart number and the number of the OV-fiets you rented to view your current and most recent bicycle rentals. You can also use the app to see if your OV-fiets rental has been successfully concluded.

  • What about my privacy?

    The new OV-fiets lock uses the same personal data that we have always used for bicycle rentals. We don't need to know where you go with the OV-fiets, so we do not record that information.

  • Is it possible to rent an OV-fiets without the new lock?

    You can rent an OV-fiets at almost 300 rental locations throughout the Netherlands. We will begin using the new lock in Apeldoorn, and we will replace the old OV-fiets locks with the new ones at another 25 locations over the course of 2021. It will therefore take some time before all 300 rental locations are equipped with the new locks.

  • Can anyone else rent my OV-fiets if I lock it during my journey?

    No, the OV-fiets can only be opened using your own OV-chipkaart. The rental period ends when you return the OV-fiets to the rental location and close the lock. Only then can someone else rent the OV-fiets.

  • Can I return the OV-fiets with the new lock to another rental location?

    You can only return the OV-fiets with a new lock to any other location where you can also rent an OV-fiets with a new lock. If you choose to return the OV-fiets to another location, please contact our Customer Service to end the rental period. You will then be charged a € 10 return fee.   

  • Can I still rent two bicycles with a single OV-chipkaart?

    Yes, you can rent two bicycles using a single OV-chipkaart. The OV-chipkaart used to rent the bicycles also serves as the key for both bicycles.

  • Which OV-chipkaart can I use to operate the lock?

    You need a personal OV-chipkaart to be able to rent and use an OV-fiets with the new lock. Simply download the free OV-fiets season ticket to your personal OV-chipkaart, and you can immediately rent and use an OV-fiets with the new lock.

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  • Which locations have OV-fietsen with the new lock?

    You can currently rent an OV-fiets with the new lock at the following stations:

    • Alkmaar
    • Alkmaar Noord
    • Almelo
    • Almere
    • Amersfoort
    • Amersfoort Schothorst
    • Apeldoorn
    • Assen
    • Baarn
    • Barendrecht
    • Bergen op Zoom
    • Best
    • Beverwijk
    • Bilthoven
    • Castricum
    • Culemborg
    • Den Bosch
    • Den Helder
    • Deventer
    • Deurne
    • Dordrecht
    • Driebergen-Zeist
    • Echt
    • Enschede
    • Geldrop
    • Goes
    • Harderwijk
    • Heerenveen
    • Heerhugowaard
    • Heerlen
    • Heeze
    • Helmond
    • Hengelo
    • Hilversum
    • Hoofddorp
    • Hoogeveen
    • Kampen
    • Leeuwarden
    • Lelystad
    • Maarssen
    • Maastricht
    • Meppel
    • Middelburg
    • Naarden-Bussum
    • Nijmegen
    • Oss
    • Reuver
    • Rijswijk
    • Roermond
    • Roosendaal
    • Sittard
    • Steenwijk
    • Tiel
    • Venlo
    • Vlissingen
    • Voorburg
    • Weert
    • Woerden
    • Zaandam
    • Zaltbommel
    • Zutphen
    • Zwijndrecht
    • Zwolle

    As soon as you can rent OV-fietsen with the new lock, we'll announce it on the dedicated page of the OV-fiets rental location in question.

  • Who can I contact when I have questions or problems?

    If you would like to view your most recent OV-fiets rentals or check to make sure that you've closed the lock properly, you can simply download the NS Lab app.

    If you have any other questions or problems regarding the new OV-fiets lock, please talk to the rental location attendant, He or she would be happy to help you, and can explain all you need to know about renting an OV-fiets equipped with the new lock.

    If you have problems with the bicycle while you're on the road, please feel free to contact NS Customer Service. They are standing by to help you day and night.

Can't find what you're looking for? If so, please contact  Customer Service