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How do you rent an OV-fiets?

Would you like to rent an OV-fiets? We can explain how it works and what you need to know.

How to rent an OV-fiets

To rent an OV-fiets, you need a personal OV-chipkaart with a free OV-fiets season ticket or NS Flex season ticket. You do not need to activate anything else to rent an OV-fiets.

  1. Find a rental location.
  2. Choose an OV-fiets and scan your OV-chipkaart.
  3. Adjust the saddle to the correct height, and you're ready to go!

When you are done with your journey, simply return the OV-fiets to the same rental location.

OV-fiets rental fees

You can rent an OV-fiets for € 4.55 per day (24 hours). After the first 3 days (72 hours) it costs € 9.55 per day. Because you will be charged an additional fee of € 5 per day.

Do you return the bicycle to another rental location?
Then you'll be charged an additional € 10 to return the bicycle.

Travel history and expenses
You can view your travel history and expenses in Mijn NS. You'll also receive a handy monthly overview.

Ordering an OV-fiets season ticket

If you do not have an NS Flex season ticket or an OV-fiets season ticket on your OV-chipkaart, you must first order a free OV-fiets season ticket before you can rent an OV-fiets.

OV-fiets locations and availability

You can rent an OV-fiets at almost 300 rental locations throughout the Netherlands: you'll find them at most stations, near bus and metro stops and at P+Rs.  You can find a rental location via the 'near you' map in the NS app.

The rental locations also show how many OV-fiets bicycles are available at that location. The availability of OV-fiets bicycles is updated every 15 minutes.

Full OV-fiets information at your fingertips

You can easily arrange everything for your OV-fiets rental in the NS app. See if an OV-fiets is available to rent near you. You can also see all of the information about your rental, and if it has been concluded correctly, in Mijn NS. You can also conveniently report any damage to the bicycle if you rent an OV-fiets with an electronic lock. 

How to activate OV-fiets information in the NS app.

  1. Open the NS-app.
  2. Go to More , then select Mijn NS.
  3. Log in with your 'Mijn NS' account (if you aren't logged in).
  4. Link your OV-chipkaart (one-off)
  5. Click on 'Turn on OV-fiets information' in Mijn NS.

Once you enter all the details, you will always have access to all of your OV-fiets information.

FAQ about the OV-fiets

  • How long can I rent an OV-fiets?

    The maximum rental period for an OV-fiets is 21 days. 

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  • My OV-fiets or key has been stolen

    1. Report the theft to the police immediately.
    2. Contact us
      Send us an e-mail via with the subject: 'OV-fiets gestolen'. Remember to mention the OV-fiets number (see the key or the fender/frame), the rental location and the date or time that the OV-fiets or key was stolen.
    3. Send us a copy of the police report and/or the key
      Send a copy of the police report and/or the key (if you have it) to our address:
      NS Klantenservice Afdeling OV-fiets
      Postbus 2572
      3500 GN Utrecht

    When an OV-fiets is stolen, you will be charged a deductible. If you do not send a police report and the key to the OV-fiets, then you will be charged for the new value of the OV-fiets. 

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  • Can I rent an OV-fiets without a season ticket?

    No, you cannot. To rent an OV-fiets, you must have a personal OV-chipkaart with a free OV-fiets season ticket or an NS Flex season ticket.

  • Is an OV-fiets free for students?

    No, the OV-fiets is not free for students. But as a student, you can order a free OV-fiets season ticket and download it to your personal OV-chipkaart. Then you will pay the normal rental fees when you use an OV-fiets.

    Order a free OV-fiets season ticket

  • Can I rent an OV-fiets with a child seat?

    No, you cannot rent an OV-fiets with a child seat. OV-fiets bicycles are only available to rent in the standard model.

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