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Redeeming coupon codes

The coupon code counts as a ticket that you have ordered and paid for via a third party or as a code that you have received as part of a promotion.

How do you get your coupon code?

From the Spoordeelwinkel

NS often has exciting promotions. With these you can travel throughout the country for a day (or longer) or visit specific events for lower prices.

Third parties

Supermarkets, department stores and other enterprises often sell cheap day tickets for the train. These sometimes come with a coupon code. You can use this coupon code to purchase a discounted NS ticket.

It is also possible that NS is having a promotion and you receive a coupon code. You can then get a discount by entering the coupon code when you buy an e-ticket online.

Where is the coupon code valid?

You can enter the coupon code when buying an e-ticket online.