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Forgotten something?

Unfortunately, it is always possible that you will forget something. For example, your OV-chipkaart, NS-Business Card, luggage or proof of identity. Or you could forget to check in with your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card or to pay a surcharge. We are here to help you in such situations.

The answer to your question...

Forgetting to check in or out and requesting refunds

Have you forgotten to check in or out? Then you can still do so within 6 hours of your journey using an NS pole or gate. If you are unable to do so within this time period, then you can submit a request for a refund from 24 hours after your journey. You can do this using your Mijn NS account. You can also submit a request without an account. Submit your request within 6 months.

Forgot your OV-chipkaart?

If you forget to bring your OV-chipkaart with you for your journey and you have a season ticket, you may be eligible to request a refund.

Forgot to buy a supplement?

You must purchase a supplement for certain trains or to change classes. What can you do if you have forgotten to purchase a supplement?

Forget your identification?

If you are traveling with an e-ticket, then you must be able to show a valid proof of identification with your ticket.

Forgot your NS-Business Card?

If you notice that you have forgotten your NS-Business Card before your journey, then you can avoid paying a fine by using another OV-chipkaart or purchasing a single-use chipkaart. If you are already aboard the train, you will be fined if you cannot show a valid ticket.

Refunds when you forget your OV-chipkaart

Do you have an NS season ticket, but forgot to bring your OV-chipkaart to the station with you? No problem! Just make sure that you have a valid ticket for your journey, and you can request a refund for the cost of travelling with NS later.

Lost and found items

Have you lost or forgotten something on the train or at the station? That's very annoying! How can you get your things back? This page contains all the information you need to find out what you can do.