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Requesting an OV-verklaring

If you pay your own expenses for travelling to work, you can apply for a travel deduction from the Tax Authority. For this, you will need an OV-verklaring (public transport statement) or a travel statement to prove that you have travelled by public transport.

What is an OV-verklaring?

An OV-verklaring (public transport statement) is proof that you have travelled on public transport. You send this statement to the Tax Authority in order to receive a refund on the costs for your travel to work.

When do you need to request an OV-verklaring?

The type of ticket you use determines where and how you can request an OV-verklaring (public transport statement).

Monthly and annual season tickets

If you travel with a monthly or annual season ticket, we will send your season ticket details to the Tax Authority. However, we do not do this with the Voordeeluren and Dal Voordeel [Off-peak discount] season tickets.

Please note: always check yourself with the Tax Authority to find out which information you still need to send.

It's possible that the Tax Authority may require further information from you, perhaps in the form of a confirmation of your season ticket or a confirmation of the journeys you have made. If so, you must provide these details yourself to the Tax Authority in an OV-verklaring.

Examples of an OV-verklaring:

  • Confirmation of your season ticket or the extension of your season ticket
  • Invoice for your season ticket
  • Account statement showing the costs for your season ticket

You can find the confirmation of your season ticket and your invoices in Mijn NS.

NS-Business Card

If your employer pays for your travel on your NS-Business Card, then an OV-verklaring will not be necessary. Freelancers can request tax refunds using invoices from Mijn NS Zakelijk .

Student travel product

If you are a student and your travel with a Weekly or Weekend season ticket, you can request an OV-verklaring from DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs).

No season ticket

If you travel without a season ticket, then you can request a public transport travel statement from your employer. This statement and your tickets are proof to the Tax Authority that you have travelled on public transport. At the OV-chipkaart website, you can create an overview of your travel history using your OV-chipkaart.

The information above only applies to travelling with NS, however. If you have travelled with other rail carriers, you may need to request a statement from those other carriers. You can read more about requesting an OV-verklaring on the OV-chipkaart website.

Multiple work locations

If you travel to multiple locations for work on the same day, then you can only deduct the travel costs for the destination you travel to most often. In the event that you travel to an equal number of destinations, use the one for which you travel the longest distance. For an overview of the amounts you may deduct, see the Tax office public transport deduction table.