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Season ticket cooling-off period

After you purchase an agreement, you are entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period. If you change your mind in that time, you can decide to cancel the season ticket and withdraw from the contract without specifying a reason. This is known as your right of withdrawal. On this page, you can find out to which season tickets the right of withdrawal applies and how you can invoke it.

For which season tickets?

You have a right to withdraw from all contracts for all auto-renewing NS season tickets and monthly season tickets that you entered into online, by phone, or via the NS Customer Serivce.

If you purchased a season ticket at an NS service desk, you are not entitled to invoke your right of withdrawal, as it only applies to agreements entered into remotely or outside a physical shop.  

The right of withdrawal does not apply to NS Zakelijk season tickets.

When is your season ticket cancelled?

As soon as you notify the Customer Service that you wish to invoke your right of withdrawal, we will retroactively cancel your season ticket, i.e. as of the start date of your season ticket. This goes for NS Flex season tickets and for balance-based season tickets. 

After invoking your right of withdrawal, you are entitled to full restitution of your season ticket costs, which will be paid into your bank account within 14 days.

What if I used my season ticket to travel?
When you ordered your season ticket, you asked NS to activate it during the cooling-off period, so that you could start travelling right away. If you decide to invoke your right of withdrawal but have already traveled with your season ticket, the costs for the season ticket will still be refunded in full. We will, however, settle any discounts you enjoyed due to travelling with your season ticket.

How can you invoke your right of withdrawal?

After your purchase a season ticket, you have a 14-day cooling-off period. This period starts the day after you made the purchase. If you decide you do not want the season ticket anyway, simply contact the Customer Service and tell them that you would like to invoke your right of withdrawal. You can do so:

  • by phone
  • via the chat
  • on social media

You can also submit the model withdrawal form