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Greenwheels share car

Greenwheels cars are standing by at more than 2,500 locations in the Netherlands and at more than 135 NS stations. Greenwheels cars are cars you share with others, but not at the same time. You pick up the car and bring it back whenever you want, which saves you a lot of hassle. Never have to worry about insurance, motor vehicle tax, parking, or maintenance. And it's also more environmentally friendly than owning your own car.

How it works

Rent a Greenwheels car in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Register

Sign up with Greenwheels free of charge and choose a subscription that suits your needs. That depends on the number of hours you plan on using the car per month, and the number of kilometres you plan on driving. At, you can calculate which subscription is best for you. Subscriptions cost between € 0 and € 25 per month.

You can sign up with an OV-chipkaart. Usually, you can then use your OV-chipkaart to reserve and open a Greenwheels car within 30 minutes.

If you choose to order a Greenwheels card, you can expect it in the post within three working days.

You will be charged a € 50 deposit when you sign up.

Step 2: Reserve a car

After you sign up, you can easily find and reserve a shared car via

Step 3: Open the car and drive

You can open the Greenwheels car by holding your card against the card reader behind the windscreen, or by using the Greenwheels app.

Next, take the on-board computer out of the dashboard compartment and enter your pin code. Then you can remove the key from the on-board computer and start the car. Always remember to check whether your car is clean and damage-free before you start the car.

Step 4: Stopping along the way, parking, and closing the car

Always remember to lock the car when you stop along the way. Never leave valuables inside the car. When you're done using the car, return it to the original parking spot.

You don't have to pay for parking when you return the car, because each car has its own parking spot. But you do need to pay for parking when you stop along the way. To lock the car, insert the ignition key in the on-board computer and hold your Greenwheels card against the card reader behind the windscreen, or use the Greenwheels app.

The Greenwheels app

Check out at the station after your train journey, and immediately check in again in a Greenwheels car?

Now it's easier than ever with the Greenwheels app. Simply sign in with your OV-chipkaart within one minute of checking out, and you can drive to your destination right away. That makes it even easier to transfer at almost 130 NS stations in the Netherlands.

Greenwheels E-Golf

Choosing Greenwheels means choosing sustainability, because you only use the car when you actually need it.

Greenwheels is also introducing new cars that run on electricity: the Greenwheels E-Golf. There are now 12 e-Greenwheels cars, which are parked at Zwolle station.