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With NS-Zonetaxi, you can travel quickly and conveniently to and from more than 370 stations for an affordable price. The NS-Zonetaxi runs from the first train in the morning to the last train at night. Fares start at € 8,60, and you can bring up to 3 other people along with you in the taxi. You can book an NS-Zonetaxi up to 30 minutes in advance. Pay via iDEAL or direct debit billing at the end of the month.

Affordable fares shown in advance

NS-Zonetaxi uses a simple and affordable rate structure. Fares start at € 8.50 for the first 2 kilometres, after which you pay € 3.20 for every 2 kilometres extra.

  • You pay € 8.60 for rides up to 2 kilometres
  • You pay € 11.85 for rides up to 4 kilometres
  • From 4 to 6 km, you pay € 15.10
  • For rides over 6 kilometres, you pay € 3.25 per 2 km, up to a maximum of 30 km per ride.

The total ride fare is calculated based on the shortest route shown by the route planner. You can see the price before you book the ride. And it's easy to pay: rather than paying cash in the taxi, you can pay in advance via iDEAL or with direct debit. The fare is for the taxi ride, not per person, so you can bring along up to 3 other people with you. That means you can book a taxi for less than € 2.50 per person!

Book an NS-Zonetaxi

You can book a ride with an NS-Zonetaxi conveniently with the NS app or via the reservation button below.

You can book a taxi up to 30 minutes in advance, even if you're still in the train. After you book a ride, you will immediately receive the contact details for the tax company and the total fare for the ride.

Paying for an NS-Zonetaxi

You can pay for NS-Zonetaxi in advance via iDEAL. Or if you'd rather pay at the end of the month, simply register as a customer and authorise direct debit payment. 

NS-Zonetaxi locations

De NS-Zonetaxi is available at more than 370 stations in the Netherlands. Enter a station here to see if NS-Zonetaxi is available at your station as well. You can find that information under 'Facilities'.

At the station, simply follow the 'Taxi' signs. At the larger stations, you can recognise the NS-Zonetaxi stop by the special NS-Zonetaxi pole or the sign with the NS-Zonetaxi logo under the P-taxi or Kiss&Ride icons. At stations without a taxi stop, simply follow the directions to the taxi location in the confirmation mail for the booking.

Quality guaranteed

NS-Zonetaxi runs from the first train in the morning to the last train at night. The rides are provided by local taxi companies that guarantee a certain level of quality. That means you can rely on an experienced driver who knows the route and can bring you to your destination safely.


If you cannot find the taxi, or if it hasn't shown up, you can call the taxi company using the telephone number provided in the confirmation e-mail.

If you have any other questions, or cannot solve the problem with the taxi company, please feel free to call the NS-Zonetaxi customer service at: 0900 - 6798294.

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