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NS Zonetaxi

NS Zonetaxi can take you to and from more than 370 stations in the Netherlands quickly and conveniently, for an attractive price.

NS Zonetaxi

Turn your train journey into a comfortable door-to-door journey with the NS Zonetaxi. It can be used to travel quickly and easily to and from the station for a reasonable fixed rate. Taxi fares start at € 7.30 (payable in advance via iDEAL), and you can bring along a maximum of 3 people for this rate. If you would rather be billed later, you can register as a customer and authorise digital direct debit from your bank account. To book an NS Zonetaxi, simply go to www.nszonetaxi.nl.

NS Zonetaxi's are available from early morning to late at night, from the first til the last train. The rides are made by local taxi companies that guarantee high quality service. This means that you can be sure that you will get an experienced driver who knows the route and can bring you to your destination safely.

View the participating stations here.

Reasonable fare price visible in advance

NS Zonetaxi works with an affordable and simple fare structure. The starting fare is € 7.30 for the first zone up to 2 kilometers. After that you pay € 3 per 2 kilometers

  • Up to 2 kilometers you pay € 7.30
  • Up to 4 kilometers you pay € 10.30.
  • Up to 6 kilometers you pay € 13.30

If you would like to travel further than 6 kilometers, then you pay € 3 per 2 kilometers with a maximum of 30 kilometers per ride.

The total fare is calculated based on the shortest route according to the route planner. This price is calculated before you book your taxi. And payment is hassle-free: not with cash in the taxi, but either via iDEAL or later via direct debit. You pay a fare per taxi and you can take a maximum of 3 people with you. This way you can ride home in the taxi for just € 2 per person!

How the NS Zonetaxi works

NS Zonetaxi services are available at most stations in the Netherlands. Simply follow the 'taxi' signs at teh station. Larger stations will indicate the NS Zonetaxi queue by means of a special NS Zonetaxi post or a sign with the NS Zonetaxi logo under the sign for P-taxi or Kiss&Ride. At stations without a taxi queue, you can use the location provided in your confirmation message.

Book your NS Zonetaxi here

You can book a ride with an NS Zonetaxi via the NS app or nszonetaxi.nl. If you have an NS Zonetaxi account, you can also book a ride via telephone by calling 0900 – 6798294 (toll-free).

You can book a taxi up to 30 minutes before the desired departure time, so you can book a ride while you're still in the train. After booking, you will immediately receive the contact details for the taxi company, along with the total fare for the ride.


If you cannot find the taxi, or if it hasn't shown up, you can call the taxi company using the telephone number provided in the confirmation e-mail.

If you have any other questions, or cannot solve the problem with the taxi company, please feel free to call our customer service at: 0900 - 6798294.