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Vrouwen op perron wijzen naar vertrekbord

Frequently asked questions about travelling during the coronavirus outbreak

The train is once again available to everyone for any travel purpose. We will do everything in our power to make your journey safe and familiar. We can imagine that you might have questions about the resumption of full service. Some of these questions are answered below.

  • When do I have to wear a face mask?

    Wearing a face mask on the train is compulsory. As of 1 December 2020 you must also wear a face mask in stations and on platforms.

    Read our answers to frequently asked questions about face masks.

  • Where do I need to wear a face mask?

    When you:

    • Enter a building
    • Go through gates
    • Take the stairs, escalator or lift to the platform
    • Go onto the platform
    • Enter the bicycle storage facility

    Click here for our answers to frequently asked questions about face masks.


  • What if I leave my face mask at home by accident?

    No problem! You can buy face masks from various shops and many vending machines at our stations. You can also read our answers to frequently asked questions about face masks.

  • Can I eat or drink in the train?

    Eating and drinking are allowed, but try to limit it. Once you're finished, put your face mask back as quickly as possible. Click here for  our answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Can we sit next to each other?

    Yes, you can. It's not always possible to stay 1.5 metres apart in the train. All the seats are available, but try to keep as much distance as possible.

  • Can I travel during rush hour?

    You can travel at any time during the day, but we strongly recommend that you avoid crowds. The crowding indicator in our NS app shows what kind of crowds you can expect on the train. 

  • Are there rules for boarding and leaving the train?

    Yes - give each other space, and keep at a sufficient distance from each other when boarding or leaving the train.

  • Will the trains receive extra cleaning now?

    During normal cleaning of the trains, extra attention will be paid to contact points such as door handles and headrests. In trains with toilets, extra soap and paper towels will be provided.

if you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact NS Customer Service.