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Cookies and similar technologies

Last modified: February 15, 2024 8:50 AM

On its websites and in its apps and e-mails, NS uses cookies, tracking pixels, web beacons, javascript, software development kits (SDK) from third parties and other similar technologies to collect additional data on website, app, and e-mail behaviour and improve its services. This cookie policy is part of the NS Privacy Statement.

Which NS and NS International websites and apps use cookies?

The following NS & NS International Apps and NS and International websites use cookies:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Which data do we process with cookies?

NS uses cookies and similar technologies to process user data from your tablet, mobile phone, or computer, such as:

  • HTTP-header information, which can be used to identify your web browser, device, OS, and screen resolution. This header may also contain information about your country of origin, language settings, and the url from which you were referred.
  • Identifiers related to your device, browser, or network, such as your (anonymised) IP address and advert, device, or cookie ID.
  • Interactions with our website, app, or e-mail. These include e-mail, app, and page views, click, touch, and scroll interactions, searches, installs, and completed and incomplete purchases via our websites and apps.

We only collect, share, and process your user data to the extent necessary for the purposes detailed in this policy. Several applications on the website, in the app, or in our e-mails, also process other categories of data. This is expressly indicated and explained where applicable.

What do we use cookies for?

NS uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the functionality, quality and effectiveness of our websites, apps and e-mails. We ensure a personal and relevant customer experience when you give your consent to this.

We have explained which technologies are used for each purpose or subject. We will do our best to keep this overview up to date, however it is possible that a new technology may not be mentioned in this overview.


We use functional cookies or functional session cookies to provide services or to store your preferences. NS uses this type of cookie and similar technology for the following purposes:

  1. remembering the products that you purchase when shopping online;
  2. remembering and communicating information that you fill in during the login process or that you enter when ordering products from the various web pages, so that you don't have to re-enter the same information every time;
  3. storing your preferences, such as your language and cookie settings (see also below);
  4. tracking the unauthorised use of our websites.
  5. detecting errors/bugs.

The basis for processing personal data, if any, is: legitimate interest.

Quality and effectiveness

We also use cookies to help us understand and improve the quality and effectiveness of our websites, apps and e-mail. These cookies are known as analytical cookies.

User statistics and user feedback on the website

These cookies are used to analyse your visit to our websites. For example, we analyse the number of visitors to our websites, the duration of the visits, and the order in which the web pages are visited. The aim of this is to gather information that helps us to make our websites more user-friendly. These cookies are also used to detect technical issues on the websites and to request feedback from you (through questionnaires).

E-mail reading statistics

NS uses an e-mail tracking pixel in its e-mail communications. An e-mail tracking pixel is an electronic file (normal size: 1 pixel x 1 pixel) embedded in an e-mail, such as our newsletter. This e-mail tracking pixel tells us which parts of our e-mails ‑recipients read and/or click  on. This technology provides us with more insight into user behaviour, tells us which parts of our e-mails are read, and lets us measure and improve the effectiveness of our e-mails. We can then use these user data to determine whether an e-mail is relevant to customers (and whether it is therefore worth sending a reminder).

A/B testing

NS uses A/B testing to improve the design and functionality of the websites, apps and e-mails. An A/B test is an analysis of two or more variants of a design or functionality, allowing conclusions to be drawn about which variant provides the better user experience. 

Affiliate advertisements

We use cookies and similar technologies to track which externally displayed advertisements lead to a purchase, so that the publishing partner site (also known as the publisher) receives a commission for this. As an advertiser, NS uses the services of TradeTracker, which connects NS and publishing partner sites with each other through an affiliate programme. For each publishing partner, we keep information about the number of sales, the sales value and the date of the sale. NS also displays advertisements from or links to other organisations on its websites, such as

The principle for processing the information is: justified interest.

Personalisation and relevance

We will only use cookies and your data for commercial purposes if you have given your consent. These cookies, which can also be set by third parties, help us to provide you with personalised offers. This data is shared with these third parties and they may use tracking cookies to track your internet behaviour.

NS websites and e-mails (internal marketing cookies)

We personalise the content of our e-mail campaigns and our website. We use information about your website use, searches and bookings to serve you relevant banners and other e-mail content. NS uses BlueConic and Relay42 for this purpose.

NS advertisements through the social and other networks of third parties (external marketing cookies)

We may show you NS advertisements in the Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and X (formerly known as Twitter) networks, based on your usage of our websites or apps and customer data known to us. The advertisement network and/or its algorithm ultimately determines when you will be shown an NS ad. In some cases, the networks use derived information about your behaviour and characteristics to generate comparable target groups for NS.

NS uses this technology also to exclude you irrelevant campaigns, e.g.because you already use the product being advertised.

Measuring campaign effectiveness and conversion rates

We use a conversion script to measure the effectiveness and results of ads (via third parties). This tells us which ads and products best meet the needs of our target audience. We use this information to make our ads more personal and effective.

The principle behind processing the information is: permission.

How can I change my cookie settings?

You can change your cookie settings here.

About browser settings

To stop websites from setting cookies on your computer, you can change your browser settings. After changing your settings, you will be notified whenever an attempt is made to set a cookie. You can also have your browser reject all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can remove cookies after they have been set. Please note that you will have to change your cookie settings on all browsers and devices separately.

We must also point out that if you do not accept cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website will continue to function optimally. You may be unable to use certain website features or be unable to access certain websites at all. You will still see ads, regardless of whether you accept or decline cookies. However, the ads you are shown will be less personalised and repeated more often.

To change your browser settings, follow the instructions for the browser in question. Click on one of the links below to go straight to the instructions for your browser or use the help menu in your browser.

Internet Explorer

You can opt out of cookies from specific parties by visiting

App settings

Apps store information on your mobile device or tablet. Users download the app on their mobile device themselves and it runs on their device (as opposed to a website). You cannot change your app settings to have the app function normally without saving and processing data. We do always ask for your consent to send data from your app to NS. You can decline, but you may not receive the full user experience offered by the apps. When you delete an app, the corresponding cookies and data are also removed from your device.

Changes to the cookie policy

This cookie policy is subject to occasional changes as a result of any developments. In case of major changes, we will inform you by means of the NS apps, our newsletter, or the website, for instance.

How long do we store your data?

There are various types of cookies and depending on their characteristics and function, they will be stored on your device (computer, telephone, tablet) for varying periods of time. The storage periods are listed under Cookies and similar technologies.

List of cookies

You can find a list of all cookies, including information about the purpose, expiration date and type of each cookie here.

There are various types of cookies and depending on their characteristics and function, they will be stored on your device (computer, telephone, tablet) for varying periods of time. The storage periods are listed under Cookies and similar technologies.