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NS Websites and Apps - Cookie Policy

NS uses cookies, e-mail tracking and other comparable technologies on its websites and apps to collect supplemental data about the use of the websites and to improve its services. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website in order to support the site's basic functionalities, remember settings and preferences, and serve statistical purposes. An e-mail tracking pixel is an electronic file (normal size 1 pixel x 1 pixel) that is posted in an e-mail, such as our newsletter. Using an e-mail tracking pixel allows us to see if (parts of) an e-mail are read, or if the user has clicked on the e-mail.

Which NS websites and apps fall under the cookie policy.

The cookie paragraph of the NS privacy statement applies to the following websites:

  • ns.nl
  • nsinternational.nl
  • supportervanbewegen.nl
  • reisjefit.nl
  • community.ns.nl
  • discoverholland.com
  • hurenopstations.nl
  • nsfavourites.nl
  • trainbooking.com
  • support.nsinternational.nl
  • nsstations.nl
  • retail.nsstations.nl
  • sfsm.nl
  • werkenbijns.nl
  • werkenophetstation.nl
  • activatieopstations.nl
  • mijnstation.nl 

Which cookies does NS use?

Functional cookies

Cookies called functional session cookies are used to provide services or to store your preferred settings.

For example for:

  1. remembering the products that you purchase when shopping online;
  2. remembering and communicating information that you fill in during the login process or that you enter when ordering products from the various web pages, so that you don't have to re-enter the same information every time;
  3. saving preferred settings;
  4. tracking the unauthorised use of our websites.

The basis for the processing of data is: justified interest.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to analyse your visit to our websites. For example, we analyse the number of visitors to our websites, the duration of the visits, the order of pages visited and whether any changes need to be made to the website. Using the information collected, we can make our websites even more user-friendly. These cookies are also used to solve possible technical problems on the websites.

The basis for the processing of data is: justified interest.

Tracking cookies

We will only use tracking cookies for commercial purposes with your prior consent. These cookies, which are often posted by third parties, help us to tailor promotional offers to you personally. Third parties can use tracking cookies to follow your Internet usage. NS uses a Tag Management System by Relay42 in order to manage your cookie preferences. This allows us to guarantee that no cookies will be processed without your express permission.

The basis for the processing of data is: permission.

E-mail tracking pixels

An e-mail tracking pixel is an electronic file (normal size 1 pixel x 1 pixel) that is posted in an e-mail, such as our newsletter. Using an e-mail tracking pixel allows us to see if (parts of) an e-mail are read, or if the user has clicked on the e-mail. This technology provides us with more insight into user behaviour, and we can see which parts of our e-mails are read and measure (and improve) the effectiveness of our e-mails. We can then use the data to determine if an e-mail is relevant for the client (for example when sending reminders).

The grounds for processing is: the justified interest.

Grant or withdraw permission for cookies

You have the right to grant or withdraw permission for the placement of tracking cookies.

Current cookies

An overview of the cookies currently used on our websites is provided below:

NS apps

An overview of the cookies currently used in our apps is provided below:

Cookies from external parties

Some cookies (so-called third party cookies) are posted by third parties with NS' permission in order to promote certain products or services or to give you direct access to social media: Blueconic, Bing, Adform, DoubleClick Search, Hotjar, Selligent, Awin, TradeTracker, Google Maps, Doubleclick, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Snapchat, Sizmek, Criteo, Facebook and Turn.

For the cookies posted by these third parties, the information they collect and the purpose for which the information is used, please refer to these parties' privacy statements on their own websites. These statements may change frequently, and NS is not responsible for the information provided.

If you would like to delete the cookies from external parties, read this handy set of instructions from the Consumentenbond.

Changes to the cookie policy

This cookie policy is subject to changes from time to time as a result of any developments. In case of large changes, we will inform you using NS apps, our newsletter or via the website.

How long do we store your data?

There are various types of cookies and depending on their characteristics and function, they will be stored on your device (computer, telephone, tablet) for varying periods of time. Soon, NS will be publishing a list here showing the cookies and their storage times, as well as instructions on how to delete them.

Questions and contact

You can find more information about the protection of personal data on this site.

NS employs a Data Protection Officer who monitors the proper compliance with privacy regulations. The Data Protection Officer's contact details are shown below:

NS Groep N.V.
mr. U.H. Oelen
Postbus 2812
3500 GV Utrecht

Or send an email to fg@ns.nl.

Final responsibility

This is the cookie policy enacted by Nederlandse Spoorwegen ("NS" or “we”) – the NS Groep N.V. and the companies on behalf of which NS Groep N.V. acts and is part of the privacy statement. This privacy statement provides information regarding the personal data that we process that belongs to our website visitors, passengers, customers and visitors to NS stations.

Final responsibility for the processing of personal data within NS ('Responsible person' in terms of the General Data Protection Regulation), is NS Groep N.V., the holding company for all NS business units, including NS Reizigers and NS International.

Contact details:

NS Groep NV
Laan van Puntenburg 100
Postbus 2812
3500 GV Utrecht

Registered in the Trade Register (Chamber of Commerce) under number 30124358.


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