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Terms and Conditions NS Flex

On this page, you can read the terms and conditions that apply to our NS Flex season tickets. When you take out an NS Flex season ticket, you agree to these terms and conditions.

NS Flex Product Terms & Conditions

These product terms and conditions always apply to NS Flex. Among other things, these product terms and conditions describe exactly what NS Flex is and what you can use it for. They also include all the conditions that apply to the various NS Flex discount season tickets that NS offers.

Please note: these terms and conditions apply in addition to the transport terms and conditions that apply when you travel by public transport. There are also general terms and conditions that apply to using the OV-chipkaart.

Door-to-door services

With NS Flex, you can also make use of a number of door-to-door services. At the moment, this includes OV-fiets, P+R and Storage on account. Each of the door-to-door services has its own product terms and conditions. If you use a door-to-door service, then its own product terms and conditions apply. For example, if you use an OV-fiets, then the OV-fiets Product Terms and Conditions apply.