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NS and Google Maps

With Google Maps you can be even better prepared for your journey. View the station and its surroundings digitally and plan your journey with the Travel planner in Google Maps.

14 NS-stations in Indoor Google Maps

You can digitally navigate through 14 NS stations and their surroundings. This allows you to find your way around the interior and exterior of the station, before and during your journey.

Using Google Maps you zoom in on the station building. For example, using your smartphone or tablet, while travelling or prior to your journey. This makes it even easier to quickly transfer or find facilities at the station. In addition, you can see where shops and facilities are located in the station.

There are 14 large NS stations available in Indoor Maps: Amersfoort Centraal, Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Zuid, Delft, Den Haag Centraal, Den Haag Hollands Spoor, Deventer, Groningen, Haarlem, Leiden Centraal, Nijmegen, Rotterdam Centraal and Utrecht Centraal.

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Travel planner in Google Maps

Did you know that you can use Google Maps to plan your entire train journey? Alongside information for travelling by foot or in your car, you can also find all the train timetables. In Amsterdam you can even find the timetables for tram, bus, metro and ferry services.

How does the Travel planner in Google Maps work?

  1. Enter your route from A to B into Directions. For example, using addresses or landmarks
  2. Click on the OV-icon
  3. Your travel advice will appear on the screen