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Extra station facilities

There are several extra facilities at the station specifically for travellers with a disability.

Standard facilities

At most stations, lifts or ramps make it possible for wheelchair users to reach the platforms. The stations are also furnished with guide lines to ticket machines, the OV Service & Tickets Shop and the check-in/out points or the gates. Travellers with a hearing impairment can use the audio connection in the OV Service & Tickets Shops or at the information desks.

Checking in at posts and gates

Every check-in point or gate is equipped with a Braille pictogram. There is also a gate with an extra-wide passage for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

NS Service and Alarm post

Smaller stations without service staff are equipped with Service and Alarm posts on the platform. Travellers can use these posts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to ask for information.

Service and Alarm posts are equipped with two buttons:

  • a blue service button, and
  • a red alarm button (SOS)

The post also has special facilities, such as Braille indicators for the difference between the two buttons, and the speaker and microphone are accessible to people sitting in wheelchairs.

Help with the NS ticket machine

If you are having trouble with an NS ticket machine and are you unable to find an NS employee, then our Customer Service department would be happy to provide you with further assistance. Our toll-free telephone number (0800-0540) and the machine's number can be found in the top right hand corner of the machine (also in Braille and embossing). We will provide you with immediate assistance. For example, with topping up your OV-chipkaart or buying a ticket. You can follow the directions provided by our employee or you can let them control the machine for you, while you watch. Our employees are ready to help you at any time.

Tactile travel preparation at home and at the station

You can find tactile station maps for visually impaired travellers in the OV Service & Tickets Shop at Amsterdam Centraal, Utrecht Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal and Den Haag stations. you can also order a free home version 

How does it work?

Visually impaired passengers are led to the OV Service & Tickets Shop by guid lines. At the service desk, they can ask for a station map. They can can then examine the map in a quiet area of the shop. After this, the map can be returned at the service desk.

The maps are available in the OV Service & Tickets Shop at Amsterdam Centraal, Utrecht Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal and Den Haag stations. In one years time, we will join with the OV Service & Tickets Shop and the Oogvereniging to assess experiences with the maps and decide whether to develop them for more stations.