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Checking in and out

How do you check in and out, and what is the difference between the gates and the check-in poles?

How to check in or out

Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader to the right of the gate. This will both open the gate for you and check you in for your journey. You will hear one beep when you check in. At the end of your journey, simply check out using the same procedure. You will then hear two beeps indicating that you have checked out. You can check out up to 6 hours after you arrive at your destination, after which you cannot check out again.

Please note: you can only pass through the gates indicated by a green arrow. A red X means that the gate is closed.

Travelling with an e-ticket

If you are travelling with an e-ticket, you can open the gate by scanning the barcode on the ticket at one of the gates equipped with a barcode reader.

  1. Go to the gate with the ‘Scan ticket’ symbol.
  2. Hold the square barcode against the illuminated surface to your right.
  3. The gate will open, allowing you to enter the station.
  4. For more information, press the 'i' button on the information pole, or find a service assistant.

Help at the station

Are you having trouble getting a gate open? Then ask an NS employee for help. You can also go to the NS alarm and information column. These columns can be found at all stations with gates. If you press the 'i-button', you will immediately be connected to a member of the NS staff who will be able to provide you with further assistance.

Forgot whether or not you're checked in?

If you aren't sure whether you checked in or not, the waiting time between checking in and out at the same card reader is 100 seconds. You can therefore confirm whether or not you have checked in properly by using the card reader again within this 100-second period.

Stations with multiple carriers

At several stations in the Netherlands, more than one rail carrier serves the station. Each carrier has its own access gates, so it is important to use the right gates or poles when you check in and out.

Checking your card during your journey

During your journey, the conductor may ask to check your card using the railpocket device to confirm whether you checked in before boarding the train. The device also works if your chipkaart is in your wallet or telephone case.

NS has recently issued its personnel with a new mobile chip reader, with a card reader on the bottom. As a result, the process of checking your card may differ from what you are accustomed to, as the conductor may ask you to remove your card from your wallet or telephone case.