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Vrouw met mondkapje op houdt mobiel en koffie vast

Altijd Vrij Monthly Ticket

If you travel frequently by train to various destinactions, but would prefer not to have a season ticket, then the Altijd Vrij Monthly Ticket (Maandkaart Altijd Vrij) is the ideal solution. The ticket is valid for one or three months, is available from NS ticket machines, and can be used in conjunction with your personal OV-chipkaart.

The benefits

  • Unlimited train travel on all routes
  • Valid for one or three months
  • Easy to purchase from the NS ticket machine
  • No subscription or season ticket necessary
  • Valid from the moment of purchase
  • Valid every day, including during rush hour

How much does the Maandkaart Altijd Vrij cost?

The price of the Altijd Vrij Monthly Ticket (Maandkaart Altijd Vrij) depends on the validity period and the class that you choose. You can purchase the ticket from NS ticket machines at the station. Remember to bring your personal OV-chipkaart with you. The following are the rates:

Product Validity Class Price
Maandkaart Altijd Vrij One month Second class € 427.20
Maandkaart Altijd Vrij Three months Second class € 1068
Maandkaart Altijd Vrij One month First class € 722.40
Maandkaart Altijd Vrij Three months First class € 1806

Frequently asked questions about the Altijd Vrij Monthly Ticket

  • Where can the monthly tickets Altijd Vrij and Traject Vrij be purchased?

    The monthly tickets and Traject Vrij can be purchased exclusively from the NS ticket machines at the train stations.

  • From which day is my monthly ticket valid?

    The effective date of the monthly ticket is always the same as the purchase date.

  • Do I have to check in with my Always Vrij or Traject Vrij Monthly Ticket?

    Yes, you have to check in and out with your personal OV-chipkaart for every journey you make with your Always Vrij or Traject Vrij Monthly Ticket.

  • How can I purchase the monthly tickets Altijd Vrij and Traject Vrij?

    1. Visit the NS ticket machine at one of the NS stations
    2. Go to 'Maandkaarten' Select the Maandkaart of your choice of 1 or 3 months
    3. Choose the desired class
    4. Make your payment at the machine
    5. Hold your personal OV-chipkaart in front of the reader to load the card onto your OV-chipkaart. Your monthly ticket is immediately valid. Enjoy your trip!

    Don't have a personal OV-chipkaart yet? Here you can read how you can order a personal OV-chipkaart.


  • What is the difference between a subscription and a monthly ticket (maandkaart)?

    A monthly ticket is not a subscription, but a ticket that is valid for a longer period, for example on a certain route. With a monthly ticket, the amount is paid immediately upon purchase at the NS ticket machine, so no credit check needs to be done. You also don't need internet access.

    NS subscriptions can be adjusted monthly and allow you to pay afterwards (on account). A monthly ticket does not offer this flexibility.

  • With which train operators are the monthly tickets Always Vrij and Traject Vrij valid?

    The monthly tickets, Always Vrij and Traject Vrij, are valid with all train operators in the Netherlands, except Thalys, Nightjet and Eurostar. A surcharge is required in the Intercity direct and the ICE International.