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Topping up the balance on your OV-chipkaart

Would you like to travel using your OV-chipkaart? With 'Automatic top-up', you always have enough balance on your card. As soon as your balance falls under € 0, a fixed amount is automatically debited from your bank account and conveniently credited to your card. If you would rather top up your balance on your own, you can use any OV-chipkaart top-up point, including the NS Ticket Machine.

Automatic balance top-up

With Automatic top-up, you always have enough balance on your OV-chipkaart, and you never have to stand in line to top it up again. That comes in handy if you regularly travel on public transport.

How does it work?

If the balance on your card falls below € 0 when checking in or out, then a fixed amount is automatically added to your card. This amount is then debited from your bank account. The only thing you have to do is remember to check in and out.

Good to know:

  • You can request Automatic top-up online.
  • You can choose to add amounts of € 10, € 20 or € 50.
  • Automatic top-up is only available if you have a personal OV-chipkaart.

Topping up your balance at an NS Ticket Machine

If you do not frequently use public transport, or would rather top up the balance on your OV-chipkaart on your own, then you can do so at any NS Ticket Machine.

  • Scan your OV-chipkaart at an NS Ticket Machine.
  • Select ‘Saldo laden’ (Top-up balance).
  • Select ‘Saldo aanvullen’ (Add balance).
  • Choose the amount you would like to add, such as ‘Top up to € 10’. The Ticket Machine will display the amounts applicable to your card. If you have already checked in, then you will not see this option.

Refund or transfer balance

Would you like to request a refund for your card balance or transfer it to a new OV-chipkaart? Then fill in the form ‘Saldo restitutie OV-chipkaart' available at an NS- or public transport service desk.

Minimum balance on your OV-chipkaart

In order to travel with NS, you must have at least € 20 on your OV-chipkaart balance. If you have an NS season ticket, then other minimum amounts apply:

  • For an OV-chipkaart with Dal Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel or Voordeelurenabonnement, the minimum balance is € 10.
  • For Weekend Vrij, you are only charged if you travel on weekdays outside of the free period.
  • For Dal Vrij, you are only charged if you travel during peak hours.
  • No check-in fee is charged if you have an Altijd Vrij or Traject Vrij season ticket.
  • With an NS-Business Card, you travel on account, so there is no minimum balance requirement.