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Topping up the balance on your OV-chipkaart

It's becoming easier and easier to handle matters yourself, wherever, whenever you want. NS is happy to offer you that convenience as well. You can have your OV-chipkaart balance topped up automatically by activating 'Automatic balance top-up' online, for instance, or top up the balance yourself at a ticket machine. Our station staff will gladly lend a helping hand. Of course, you can also go to the NS desk to top up your balance.

How can you top up the balance on your OV-chipkaart yourself?

  • Request 'Automatic top-up' online.
  • Top up your balance at the Ticket Machine, where you can pay by bank card, credit card or coins.
  • Top-up points are also available at shops such as AH-to-Go and Kiosk.

If you still have trouble topping up your balance, our NS service employees at the station would be happy to help you.

Automatic balance top-up

If you want to be sure that there's always a sufficient balance on your OV-chipkaart, you can activate 'Automatic top-up' online. If your balance dips below € 0 when you check in or out, your balance will be topped up with a preset amount straight away. This amount will then be charged to your bank account automatically. All you have to do is check in and out.

Good to know

  • You can choose to top up € 10, € 20 or € 0.
  • Automatic top-up is only supported with a personal OV-chipkaart.

Topping up your balance at an NS Ticket Machine

Would you prefer topping up your OV-chipkaart balance manually? You can do so at an NS ticket machine.

  • Scan your OV-chipkaart at an .
  • Select 'Top up balance'.
  • Select 'Add balance'.
  • Select your preferred amount, by choosing 'Top up to € 10, for instance. The machine will show you all amounts available for your card. If you have already checked in, this option won't be shown on the screen

Good to know

  • You can top up the balance of an anonymous and a personal OV-chipkaart.
  • You can pay with your debit card, credit card, and coins.

Topping up your balance at the desk

Would you prefer to have an NS employee top up your OV-chipkaart balance? In that case, please go to an NS desk. Starting from 2 July 2018, a € 0.50 service charge will be added if you choose to top up your card this way. This additional charge will be introduced in several phases, and does not apply to wheelchair users, travellers over 75 years of age, or visually impaired travellers.

Reclaiming or transferring your balance

Would you like to reclaim your OV-chipkaart balance, or would you like to have it transferred to another card? In that case, please fill out the form 'OV-chipkaart balance refund' at an NS or OV desk.

Minimum OV-chipkaart balance

In order to travel with NS, you must have at least € 20 on your OV-chipkaart balance. If you have an NS season ticket, then other minimum amounts apply:

  • For an OV-chipkaart with Dal Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel or Voordeelurenabonnement, the minimum balance is € 10.
  • For Weekend Vrij, you are only charged if you travel on weekdays outside of the free period.
  • For Dal Vrij, you are only charged if you travel during peak hours.
  • No check-in fee is charged if you have an Altijd Vrij or Traject Vrij season ticket.
  • With an NS-Business Card, you travel on account, so there is no minimum balance requirement.

NS Flex

As the next step towards complete convenience, you'll also be able to travel on account with NS soon. This will let you use all types of public transport without any minimum balance requirements and without having to top up your balance.