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RIVM investigation into past use of chromium-6 by NS

NS has asked the RIVM to conduct an investigation into chromium-6 and the health of current and former employees of NS/NedTrain. The investigation will be conducted by the RIVM in collaboration with Utrecht University's Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS). The researchers will examine how NS has worked with chromium-6 in the past, how NS dealt with guidelines for working safely with hazardous substances, to what degree current and former employees have been exposed to chromium-6 in their work, and what potential health effects could result from such exposure.

Independent review

NS believes it is important that current and former employees can have confidence in the measures taken and that they are fully informed about any past and current health risks. We do not wish to overlook any detail, so a committee of independent experts has been asked to review the approach to chromium-6 within NS. Since employees have concerns, NS wishes to be fully transparent about this matter. This independent committee, which includes a medical toxicologist and representatives of the Works Council and FNV/Bureau Beroepsziekten, was established in December 2015 and reports on its findings and recommendations in the form of progress reports that are published on this page. The committee's progress reports can be found under reactions and reports’. 

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