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Concession and Transport Plan

In December 2014, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment granted the passenger transport concession to NG and the management concession to ProRail as of 1 January 2015. Both concessions are for a period of 10 years. NS will therefor run on the main Dutch rail network until at least 2025. Where the transport concession focuses on the long term, NS also draws up a transport plan for the coming year.



The motto of our Spoorslags Beter Strategy 2016-2019 is to make sure the traveller comes first, second and third. This motto brings its expectations and obligations. We aim to offer every public transport passenger a pleasant travel experience, regardless of the mode of transport or the operator, so 'average' is not good enough. Together with our partners, we have consciously raised the bar in order to better serve the traveler and the Netherlands as a whole.

Better cooperation

NS and ProRail will work more intensively with one another and with the other parties in the rail and public transport sector, based on the new contracts. The concession included special Improvement Programmes that ProRail and NS will implement together, such as dealing with the irritation caused by winter weather and the introduction of the European security system ERTMS. The requirements that ProRail and NS must meet have also been better coordinated with one another and with the concessions for regional rail companies. All with the goal of constantly improving the traveler's journey from door to door.

Transport Plan

Each year, NS draws up a transport plan for the coming year in which NS explains how it will comply with the obligation of care pertaining to the new concession for the Dutch main railway network. In the transport plan, we link our ambitions and objectives to concrete activities and performance indicators for the coming year, in order to ensure that we can achieve our goals over the period of the concession.

The plan also describes the priorities formulated by the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment in an annual policy priority brief. NS aims to continue to improve its services, and in the plan it explains how the company will translate the travellers' wishes into concrete actions over the coming year and beyond.


In order to realise the transport plan objectives, we have met with consumer organisations, regional and local governments and ProRail to ask them for advice, requests and suggestions. We then use this input to help us refine and improve the transport plan.