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Franchise, transport plan and production model

In December 2014, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment granted the passenger transport franchise to NS, after which the management franchise was awarded to ProRail as of 1 January 2015. Both franchises were awarded for a period of 10 years, enabling NS to use the main Dutch rail network until at least 2025. In late December 2023, the passenger transport franchise for the main Dutch rail network for 2025-2033 was again awarded to NS, allowing NS to transport passengers on the country's main railways until 2033. While the passenger transport franchise is a long-term contract, NS also draws up an annual transport plan for the coming year.



In our previous and current strategy, travellers are put first, second and third, and our transport franchise programme reflects the same priorities. Our commitment to travellers comes with expectations and obligations: we want all travellers to have a safe and comfortable experience, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have high standards for ourselves and our partners in order to best serve our travellers and to best serve the country.

Better cooperation

NS and ProRail work closely with one another and with the other parties in the rail and public transport sector. ProRail and NS have also drawn up Special Improvement Programmes together, such as the 'Beter en Meer' (Better and More) programme. This programme facilitated high-frequency travel along the A2 corridor, as well as the implementation of ERTMS, the European security system. The requirements that ProRail and NS must meet have also been better coordinated with one another and with the franchises awarded to regional rail companies, all with the goal of constantly improving journeys from door to door.

Transport Plan

Every year, NS draws up a new transport plan for the coming year, outlining how it will perform the duty of care arising from the franchise for the main Dutch railway network. In the transport plan, we have linked our ambitions and targets to specific activities and performance indicators for the coming year, so that we can accomplish the goals we have set for the term of the franchise.

The plan also describes the priorities formulated by the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment in an annual policy priority brief. NS aims to continue to improve its services, and in the plan it explains how the company will translate the travellers' wishes into concrete actions over the coming year and beyond.


In the process of drawing up our transport plan, we always reach out to  consumer organisations, local authorities and ProRail, asking them to weigh in on our plans, give advice, ask questions and/or share their comments. Their input is invaluable in helping us improve the final plan.

Production model

The Main Railway Franchise 2025-2033 outlines the requirements for the Production Model, in which NS provides insight into how it plans to develop its transport services. The Production Model also demonstrates that NS meets all logistic performance requirements. These developments fit the agreements made in the franchise contract.

The production model provides insight into how NS plans to develop its transport services to the Franchisor and third parties, such as local authorities and consumer organisations.