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Sustainable accessibility of the Netherlands

The travellers of 2020 are different from those of 2025 or 2040. In fact, the boundaries between concepts like 'train passengers', 'cyclists' and 'drivers' are becoming blurred. It's no longer a choice of one or the other: by car or public transport. It's a mixture of both: whatever suits you at a particular time and for a particular destination. Our demands regarding the availability of transport options, facilities at the station and service provision by humans and apps are changing. People are travelling more and travelling differently. Flexibility, convenience and comfort are paramount.

A high-speed look at strategy

The network of the future

NS wants to ensure that everyone has access to the train network, no matter where you are.

Station as hub

Many stations are already the vibrant heart of the city.

Flexible and versatile travel

NS invests in all forms of transport that complement train travel

People-oriented and data-driven

We remain an attractive employer and a diverse, inclusive organisation.

Cooperation with our partners

Our ambition is to maintain the sustainable accessibility of the Netherlands for everyone.